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Although this article is gender specific, we all know the problem is no longer a gender problem and women get screwed by this same system daily!

I can vouch for that personally- my children are being abused at the hands of our wonderful system and they have made it so that I am "LEGALLY" KEPT FROM THEM!

Must be great to live with an alleged child pornography photographer that shares the same last name as your boss who by the way happens to be married to a supreme court judge! Ask my estranged husband he has first hand knowlege of how great that must be!

God I hate them all and wish for them what they have given to me and my children, nothing more, nothing less, just equal.

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More than half of Americans are angry and disappointed with thenation's judiciary, a new survey done for the ABA Journal e Report shows.A majority of the survey respondents agreed with statements that"judicial activism" has reached the crisis stage, and that judges whoignore voters' values should be impeached. Nearly half agreed with a congressman who said judges are "arrogant, out-of-control and unaccountable."

American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School By Geraldine Hawkins March 7, 2003 The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition, Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School on February 28. She said that the question of what is morally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient. The change has come because legal philosophy has descended to nihilism. Judge Edith H. Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit talks to members of Harvard Law School's Fed-eralist Society. Jones said that the question of what is mor-ally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient. "The integrity of law, its religious roots, its transcendent quality are disappearing. I saw the movie 'Chicago' with Richard Gere the other day. That's the way the public thinks about lawyers," she told the students. "The first 100 years of American lawyers were trained on Blackstone, who wrote that: 'The law of nature . dictated by God himself . is binding . in all counties and at all times; no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all force and all their authority . from this original.' The Framers created a government of limited power with this understanding of the rule of law - that it was dependent on transcendent religious obligation," said Jones. She said that the business about all of the Founding Fathers being deists is "just wrong," or "way overblown." She says they believed in "faith and reason," and this did not lead to intolerance. "This is not a prescription for intolerance or narrow sectarianism," she continued, "for unalienable rights were given by God to all our fellow citizens. Having lost sight of the moral and religious foundations of the rule of law, we are vulnerable to the destruction of our freedom, our equality before the law and our self-respect. It is my fervent hope that this new century will experience a revival of the original understanding of the rule of law and its roots. "The answer is a recovery of moral principle, the sine qua non of an orderly society. Post 9/11, many events have been clarified. ,............." incomplete"

7 million Americans in justice systemOne in every 32 U.S. adults behind bars, on probation or on parole in 2005

The Associated Press

Updated: 6:13 a.m. CT Nov 30, 2006


A record 7 million people -- or one in every 32 American adults -- were behind bars, on probation or on parole by the end of last year, according to the Justice Department. More then any other developed Nation by far.

Federal Judge Resigns, Calling Judicial System Unjust

By LARRY NEUMEISTERAssociated Press WriterJune 24, 2003, 5:10 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- A federal judge said Tuesday he is quitting what he called an unjust criminal justice system, fed up with Congress' quest to boost prison sentences and prevent judges from deciding how long someone is imprisoned.

"Congress is mandating things simply because they want to show how tough they are on crime with no sense of whether this makes sense or is meaningful," Judge John S. Martin said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"It is sad comment that the public is so uneducated, unconcerned and blinded to the TRUTH by the media, and that the Judiciary of our once great Nation has been allowed to sink to these depths. And while I say that the conditions that exist today can be laid at one doorstep, that of the Judiciary, I must ultimately say that the fault really lies at our feet, We the People, for it is We the People who have allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse." -- Robert H. Bork, Judge, Supreme Court Nominee & Professor of Law


Is Our Family Court System Causing Blood in the Streets?

by Judy Parejko, M.S. © 2002 Judy Parejko

Robert Flores walked onto the campus of the University of Arizona at Tucson and opened fire on three of his female instructors, murdering them in cold blood. In his 22-page letter, discovered later by investigators, Flores sketches the story of his failed marriage, poor health and the slights he perceived from a nursing school he claimed treated male students as "tokens." In the Washington area, accused sniper, John Muhammad, targeted innocent people, shooting them down like prey. His 17-year-old accomplice, John Malvo, was also believed to have pulled the trigger. The story reveals at least three divorces — two were Muhammad's and one was Malvo's parents — as well as several child custody battles. It's not politically correct to connect the dots but it's time for someone to begin. Could it be that our family court system is causing blood in the streets? Somehow, these men came unhinged — turned into killers. Why? That's the question we all want answered. A common theme running through both cases is alienation from family. Could it be time to take a good hard look at how we handle cases in family court? Can we afford not to?

"Failed marriage" is code for "hopelessness" — the understanding that quick-and-expedient divorce is firmly in place. In fact, there's no way to stop a divorce or get help for a troubled marriage, including the anger that can be so corrosive to relationships no matter how hard someone begs for it. And "child custody" is code for the coveted spoils of divorce. The court's work is to sever family ties and the unforeseen consequences can sometimes be deadly.

A family court hearing is a grim event. While most who are forcefully divorced or shut out of their kids' lives somehow learn to cope, others begin to simmer, reaching a boiling point that can culminate in regrettable acts. Dismantling families — taking them apart and dividing up the pieces — is easier than providing needed help so that estranged spouses might restore their troubled marriages. And, by dealing with family distress in this way, we've unwittingly invited the grim reaper to play a larger role in our lives.

The carnage of family breakdown is spilling out of the courtrooms and into our daily lives. The victims are no longer simply family members — gunned down by their desperate loved ones — but increasingly include innocent bystanders. The divorce mill casts its victims aside, leaving men like Flores and Muhammad unmoored from their families and unhitched from society. Cut off, lost at sea, they send out distress signals through their aggressive acts when life starts closing in on them — but no one heeds them. And when the "system" told Muhammad — like so many other men — he could no longer be a father, even if he fought for it, battled for custody and went so far as to "steal" his kids, he snapped. The story of Muhammad's unraveling from a family man into a serial killer is not understood yet, but his story, like others, points to an alarming association between the loss of family connection and outlaw-behavior.

"Family court" is a euphemism. In reality it is an insidious monster that takes chopped-up pieces of families and packages them into neat and manageable little bundles called "custody" and "visitation." But, we reap what we sow, and blood spilled in court is leading to bloodshed in the streets.

What we have is the worst possible response to family distress. Instead of offering compassion and helping hands, family courts evict fathers from their children's lives, also cutting off contact with the ones who might — along with skilled assistance — calm such troubled men. The "medicine" for distressed relationships is available but we fail to offer it, either because we don't care enough or because we aren't ready to face the awful truth of what was created in the name of justice.

For those who face the family court system and hope for a humane response, no plea for mercy will be heard.

"One size fits all" is the current scheme called "no-fault divorce" — another euphemism, which really is code for "forced" divorce. Troubled marriages are snuffed out by officials in black robes who say they are given no other choice. This place called "court" was turned into a "Ministry of Divorce" since making "judgments" are no longer made there and divorces are "administered" as rubber-stamped foregone conclusions.

Divorce and family disputes are merely viewed as "legal" problems — business-deals brokered by the well-paid officials handling them.

No crisis-response is offered to the casualties that show up. No ambulance. No trauma team. No hospital. Only harsh and heavy-handed tactics used to finish off the job.

It's too sordid to look at things this way — that family court carnage might be responsible for the carnage on the streets — and most people will find every reason not to.

Judy Parejko is the author of Stolen Vows, The Illusion of No-Fault Divorce and the Rise of the American Divorce Industry -

Available at

The Three above not enough, then read on.......

All these have been traced back to the original source and verified as throughly as possible.

The tip of the Iceberg

Trevor Goddard, 36, died at home last month, in an apparent suicide by prescription-drug overdose. Goddard and his wife were going through a divorce.

Besides his role as Mic Brundy on ``JAG,'' the Australian-born actor played a pirate in Disney's ``Pirates of the Caribbean.'' A tuition fund has been established for his two sons. Donations can be sent to Laurence School 13639 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91401-1735.

There have been a rash of father suicides directly related to divorce and mistreatment by the family courts over the past several years.

Those Fathers that we know of: Alan Bates - Murdered Alan Creeton Alan Grantham - Suicide Alan Jones (U.K.) - Suicide Alex Nicholson (U.K.) - Suicide Allan Wells - Battered Husband - Divorce Suicide Andrew Pinch Andrew T. Renouf - Suicide Anthony Clemson (UK) - Suicide Anthony Tipper Antonio Merola - Shoots Father-In-Law Arthur Sampson - Murdered Aubrey Scott Brad Draper - Suicide - (In front of Planned Parenthood, Overland Park, KS) Brian Armstrong - Murdered, Jailed For Child Support, Beaten to Death in jail Brian Gorton Brian Smith - Suicide, overdose Clifford Peacock - Suicide Clive Cass (U.K.) - Suicide Christopher Mitchell Darrin White - Suicide (By hanging after being ordered to pay child support and alimony of more than twice his income -- he had just enough money left to buy a length of new rope.) David Bengert - Suicide David Clancy - Suicide David Dosdall - Suicide David Harmsworth (U.K.) - Suicide David Harris - Murdered - (Wife ran over him with her car while his daughter was in the car) David Piggott (U.K.) - Suicide Derek Atkin Derrick K. Miller Sr. - Suicide - San Diego Courthouse steps Frank Parker - Murdered by hit man Garrett Williams - Suicide Gary Ashton Goolam Hassen Graeme Lowe Graham Clay Gregory D. Seath - Suicide (This police officer shot himself in front of supermarket shoppers.) Iain Galbraith - Murdered (Scotland) J.D. Creason James Gritz - Found Shot James McKay Jason Game - Suicide Jim From Regina John Besner - John Johnson John Vincent Constable - Murdered John Rubben- Suicide Jonathan Mitchell Joshua Skerton Kelly McGinness Dr. Kent D. Leiby - Murder/Suicide Larry Cofield - Suicide Lloyd Mather Malcolm Taylor Mark Corkish (U.K.) - Suicide Mark Edward Dexel - Suicide Mark John Harrison Martin Romanchick - Suicide Marvin Davids - Suicide Michael Aston Michael Easton - Suicide Michael Horner (U.K.) - Suicide Michael Orwig - (U.S. - Oklahoma) Murdered Nigel Ryan - Suicide Peter Ayres (U.K.) - Suicide Philip Mitchell Peter Stafeeieri - Suicide Petruk - Murder - Suicide Ralph Hadley - Murder - Suicide Randy Couch - Suicide Reginald Sublet - Murder - Suicide Roger Sandsmark - Murder of Lawyer & Suicide & other attorneys who have been killed. Robert S. Flores Jr - Suicide Robert Hendry Robert McWhirter Scott Chester Stone - murder of ex-wife - suicide Sean Lyford-Smith Simon Gonzales - Murder of 3 daughters - Suicide Stephen Jackson - Suicide, overdose Stephen Paul Patience Steve Sanders - Former Oak Ridge Boy found dead, apparent Suicide Steven Cook - Suicide (After being jailed for two months for calling his three-year-old daughter on the wrong day of the week.) Stephen Jackson (U.K.) - Suicide Steve Sanders - Suicide Steve Willey Stuart Holloway Tony Cummings (U.K.) - Suicide Trevor Lane (U.K.) - Suicide Vincent Hand Warren Gilbert (Australia) - Suicide (Body discovered with letter of demand from the CS agency.) William Barnette - "Deadbeat Dad" sentenced to death William Pigg Edmonton Man - Found Hanging in Fire - Suicide Man Hangs Himself at concert - Suicide John Doe Szcerbakow Glenn Sacks Radio

A distraught father struggling with overdue child support obligations and adverse family court decisions committed suicide on the steps of the downtown San Diego courthouse Monday. Angrily waving court documents, 43 year-old Derrick Miller walked up to court personnel at the entrance, said "You did this to me," and shot himself in the head.

Miller is one of 300,000 Americans who have taken their own lives over the past decade--as many Americans as were killed in combat in World War II.

America is in the throes of a largely unrecognized suicide epidemic, as suicide has become the eighth leading cause of death in the United States today, and the third leading cause of death among adolescents.

All Americans recognize that our country is rife with violent crime, but few know that 50% more Americans kill themselves than are murdered.

Who is committing suicide? For the most part, men. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, males commit suicide four times as often as females do, and have higher suicide rates in every age group.

There are many risk factors for suicide, including substance abuse and mental illness, but the two situations in which men are most likely to kill themselves are after the loss of a job, and after a divorce.

Because our society strongly defines manhood as the ability to work and provide for one's loved ones, unemployed men often see themselves as failures and as burdens to their families.

Thus it is not surprising that while there is no difference in the suicide rate of employed and unemployed women, the suicide rate of unemployed men is twice that of employed men. It is for this reason that economic crises generally lead to male suicide epidemics.

During the Midwest farm crisis of the 1980s, for example, the suicide rate of male farmers tripled. A sharp increase in male suicide occurred after the destruction of Flint, Michigan's 70 year-old auto industry, as documented in the disturbing 1989 film "Roger and Me." Some suicide experts fear a rise in suicide related to our current economic downturn.
The other most common suicide victims are divorced and/or estranged fathers like Derrick Miller.

The other most common suicide victims are divorced and/or estranged fathers like Derrick Miller. In fact, a divorced father is ten times more likely to commit suicide than a divorced mother, and three times more likely to commit suicide than a married father.

According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major: "Divorced men are often devastated by the loss of their children.

It's a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children.

Most of the men I deal with never saw their divorces coming, and they are often treated very unfairly by the family courts." According to Sociology Professor Augustine Kposow of the University of California at Riverside,

"The link between men and their children is often severed because the woman is usually awarded custody. A man may not get to see his children, even with visitation rights. As far as the man is concerned, he has lost his marriage and lost his children and that can lead to depression and suicide."

There have been a rash of father suicides directly related to divorce and mistreatment by the family courts over the past few years.

For example, New York City Police Officer Martin Romanchick, a Medal of Honor recipient, hung himself after being denied access to his children and being arrested 15 times on charges brought by his ex-wife, charges the courts deemed frivolous.

Massachusetts father Steven Cook, prevented from seeing his daughter by a protection order based upon unfounded allegations, committed suicide after he was jailed for calling his four-year-old daughter on the wrong day of the week.

Darrin White, a Canadian father who was stripped of the right to see his children and was about to be jailed after failing to pay a child support award tantamount to twice his take home pay, hung himself.

His 14 year-old daughter Ashlee later wrote to her nation's Prime Minister, saying, "this country's justice system has robbed me of one of the most precious gifts in my life, my father.

" We'll never know exactly why Derrick Miller took his life and if his suicide could have been prevented. What we do know is that male suicide is one of America's most serious public health issues, and it is time to address it. and the list goes on & on & on & on.

Divorced fathers snap under pressure
One divorced father committed suicide on the steps of San Diego's courthouse, another set his car afire outside Alaska's child-support office. Others, in an all-too-common scenario, killed their ex-wives, their children, then themselves. Men who snap in such violent ways have few defenders. Yet fathers' rights groups, joined by a few academic experts, see a common denominator in these recent bursts of rage, and ask whether America's family court system could be partly at fault by deepening the despair of many divorced men. "None of these guys are poster children," said Lowell Jaks, president of the Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights. "But when you cause this much pain to so many men, there are going to be repercussions. A certain percentage are going to crack." Mr. Jaks has even distributed newspaper articles to his organization's members noting the problems with child custody and child support that angered John Allen Muhammad, accused of being the Washington-area sniper, and Robert S. Flores Jr., who killed three University of Arizona nursing professors before killing himself. "Some guys kill themselves, some snap and go out and kill others," Mr. Jaks said. "You can dismiss them as crackpots, you can say we need more protection for women, but it's not going to take away the problem."

Frustrations over child support and visitation figured in several recent violent incidents across the country.

Among them: . In San Diego, a man upset by a court ruling on overdue child support fatally shot himself in January on the courthouse steps. Witnesses said Derrick K. Miller Sr., 43, who was carrying court documents, told a guard, "You did this to me," before killing himself. . In Anchorage, Alaska Jed Magby, 43, set his Mercedes afire in October outside the offices of the state's Child Support Enforcement Division, apparently because of claims that he owed $55,000 for out-of-state child support orders. He faces charges of arson and criminal mischief. . In Erie, Pa., Stephen Trieber, 33, was sentenced to death in October for killing his 2-year-old daughter by setting his house on fire in order to get out of paying $250 a month in child support. . In February, James D. Smallwood Jr. killed his three children, who lived with his estranged wife in Throckmorton, Texas, but were visiting him for one night. Smallwood drove back to Throckmorton with the dead children in his car, then killed himself when he heard sirens approaching. A judge ruled earlier that Smallwood, who had been accused of making threats, could have the children on "quasi-supervised" visitations. Augustine Kposowa, a sociologist at the University of California-Riverside, has conducted studies concluding suicide rates among divorced men are much higher than for divorced women or married men. He attributes the difference to what happens in family courts. "The man loses his marriage, then he loses a second time when child custody is granted to the woman," he said.

"Unless something is done, by examining family laws and having new policies to aid men, the situation is bound to get worse."

Extrapolating from Mr. Kposowa's research, fathers' rights activist David Roberts contends that child-support orders - part of what he calls "the war on fathers" - contribute to the suicides of more than 5,000 divorced fathers each year. Outside the fathers' rights ranks, others acknowledge that divorce and custody procedures are often imperfect.


NO AMERICAN should be forced to go before a bias Court, Civil, Criminal or any court of corrupted law alone and without council only to be persecuted for perhaps decade's .This is not simply Un- American it is in fact In- Humane. If there is no respect for the Law in our Courts then how long can we the people deny our responsibility to act and restore that law as is our responsibility. "Declaration of Independence"

Yet, despite all the above there is no reply or action taken, by the Justice Department, The FBI. The Attorney General or the State and Local Legislators when formal complaints are filed and almost no Redress in our Courts.

No one is being held Accountable, No One. As our government shuts down and runs rough shod over it's citizens then clearly more bloodshed is to come and our Nation will cease to exist as we know it.

Continue to Ignore this and see what happens.


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