Saturday, November 24, 2007

I refuse to be ignored

I will write and write until the fraud that destroyed my children's lives is exposed ON EVERY LEVEL and my chidlren are returned.

Perhaps I'll let up when all those responsible are held accountable!

An open letter to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Louise Uccio
148 Belknap Ave
Yonkers New York
Cell- 917-806-8301
Home- 914-965-3823

New York State
Commission on Judicial Conduct
61 Broadway,
New York, NY 10006

November 26, 2007

Dear Sirs:

I have written to your commission and any other person/agency available to litigants on numerous occasions asking for an investigation into the "legal" kidnapping of the children in the Uccio v Argenziano case disguised as a custody/visitation case.

It has taken me years to put together all the pieces.

I have asked Judge Minardo and the D.A. for a judicial and criminal investigation into this case focusing on Judge Barbara Panepinto, for her possible role in the blatant intrinsic and extrinsic fraud that has taken me out of my children's lives since 2003.

I am respectfully asking once again please investigate this case.

Any reasonable person would deduce that there are two links to Judge Barbara Panepinto and Mr. Argenziano.

(1) Mr. Panepinto and Mr. Argenziano's working/personal relationship is undeniable.

(1a) Mr. Panepinto is the Director of CYO, able to be proven and undeniable.

(2b) Mr. Argenziano has worked for the CYO for at least 10 years, able to be proven and undeniable.

(2) Mr. Panepinto and Judge Barbara Panepinto's marriage is undeniable.

(3) Mr. Argenziano and Ms. Aggie Panepinto own one possibly two homes and a business together; also able to be proven and undeniable.

"Custody" of my children was obtained by Mr. Argenziano via his attorney Catherine Bridge, by keeping me away from my children for eighteen months in 2003.

This blocking me from my children was possible by what I believe was a conspiracy involving Ms. Amerose from the family court services, and ex hearing officer Gallet. I believe this was carefully orchestrated and now that I have figured out the political connections Mr. Argenziano has to Judge Barbara Panepinto I respectfully ask your commission to find out if she had a role in this fraud.

I was labeled a dangerous drug addict who should have no contact with my children, while all players involved concealed a false ACS "indicated" case and denied me drug testing.

The false "indicated" case was over turned as soon as I became aware of it in February of 2006.

I feel this apparent conspired "legal" kidnapping further involved, Judge McElrath and once again, the family court services, in 2006, this time with Mitch Rousies compliance.

This case has evolved into a divorce case and is scheduled to be heard before Judge Barbara Panepinto on November 27, this is ludicrous!

In closing I ask once again for both a criminal investigation by a special prosecutor and a judicial investigation into the Uccio v Argenziano case.

Respectfully submitted,


Louise Uccio


Anonymous said...

What a pure conflict of interest. Did you receive any reply from the Commission? She is once again showing her unprofessional conflict of interest in a Divorce matter before her. She needs to get off the Bench. She seems to be anti women. It must be her Probation Officer training.

Louise Uccio said...

Yes I did.. The commission has no problem with any part of this story... They see.. no foul play .. nothing! Gotta love it.