Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to Justice, Texas Style

Two Texas Children's Lives are Being Destroyed

Two children were grounded for misbehaving. On August 23, 2007, while riding their bicycles in the back yard, the 12 and 13 year-old brothers decided to go to the playground without permission.

Across the street from the playground is a junkyard. There were three other boys messing around at this junkyard, so Austin and Dilon joined them.

Austin and Dilon's parents and siblings were frantically looking for the boys and when they could not locate them, their mother called the police. As we know, we live in a sick world and bad things can happen to children in a split-second. In an attempt to protect her children, mom called the San Antonio police.

The police found Austin and Dilon at the junkyard. The police officer allegedly told the three other boys to go home. Austin and Dilon were arrested for breaking into a building.

Click on the pictures below [In the link Hope4Kids] to get a better idea of what this supposed Junkyard looks like.

What is so important about this junkyard that violates every single City Code in San Antonio Texas? Austin and Dilon are being charged with felony breaking and entering.

The photographer must have broken and entered as well. There is no gate, no fence, nothing to prevent children from walking across the street from the playground and getting seriously injured in this junkyard.

The police may have been frustrated at having to look for children who are misbehaving, but knowing these two boys have very serious special needs, it is reasonable to understand why Dawn would call the police to help her find her two sons.

When this writer was a child, we went to the junkyard and thought we had hit the jackpot! The seats of those cars have $change$ that had fallen out of someone's pocket prior to the car being junked.

These two little boys have since been taken into CPS custody. Dawn is charged with neglectful supervision. Attorney Dennis Morino is representing Dawn in Judge Sakai's courtroom on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.

One child is in Houston, another has been sitting in the San Antonio Juvenile Detention Center since Sept. 14, 2007, and the youngest child, who was not involved, is in an unknown placement. Dawn is not able to see her children and cannot speak to the youngest child.....

What message does this send to parents?
Do NOT call the Bexar County PD in San Antonio Texas if your special needs children are missing!

Welcome to Justice, Texas Style!
Please Note: This story will continue to be updated. -

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