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This is in reference to the james family below..

I have been following this story on a personal level.

Vanessa and Marvin James are two amazing people, even in the face of what ACS is doing to them.

I have personally sat through most of their court dates since becoming aware of this family and I can say first hand, this case is a disgrace!

First they accused this woman of a personality problem, then when two of thier psychiatrists ruled out any abnormalities in either parent, the court still refused to give back their baby.

Moreover, the judge sitting on this case began to incorperate fabricated hearsay which is not true in the best interest of the courts rediculous ruling. NOT in the best interest of this baby Amber James!

Below is a story written but another amazing womanthat is trying desperately to find justice in this case Karlene Gordan.


-Karlene Gordon-

Just when we thought it could never get any worse.Just when we thought ACS, the Administration forChildren Services, could not hurt Amber James any morethan they already had. Just when we thought or ratherprayed that ACS would do the right thing and returnAmber to her loving family.... Amber was released fromKings County Psychiatric Hospital and placed in yetanother foster home. Nobody knows where she is orrather, no one, namely ACS, is telling the parentswhere their 6 year old daughter, Amber, is.

By the way, Why isn't Amber James placed with Kinship?Where is Amber and why is she missing again? Why isshe being hidden from her parents again? Who isresponsible to stop this "ACS Kidnapping and tortureof Amber James".

Who is responsible to put an end tothe irreparable emotional, psychological and physicaldamage to this family. WHO???

Mr. and Mrs. James are frantic with despair,especially following the latest revelation wherein Amber stated to her caseworker Adrian Prichette 'youleft me and I was scared and I was looking for you'. Amber's statement was upsetting enough to her parentsand those people present, but nothing prepared themfor the caseworkers response to little Amber...."wellyou were sleeping and it was late, it was 12:00, I hadto get home to my family". By the way, she was notreferring to 12:00 noon, but 12:00 midnight. Yes youdid read right, 12:00 midnight, Amber James was leftalone sleeping on a chair in the emergency room ofKings County Psychiatric Hospital, unsupervised,unprotected. Amber awoke frightened to find herself inthe midst of strangers and the one person she knew,the person responsible for taking her to the hospital,the person in whose care Amber was trusted, wasnowhere to be found. Amber went in search of Ms.Prichette and roamed the inside and outside of thehospital looking for Adrian Prichette. Amber wasfinally found by a hospital personal outside the frontof the hospital...she was identified by the triageband she wore.

Now let me see if I understand the Amber James' caseproperly. Let me try to understand who is endangeringwhom, who is placing whom in imminent danger.

OK, here we go.....On August 24th, 2007 ACS removedAmber from the stability of a loving nucleus family, supportive relatives, and neighbors because herparents sought medical attention for her pre-existingcondition. Mr. and Mrs. James' only offense was theaudacity to question Dr. Julia Garber who prescribedthe wrong medication for Amber. In a cowardly andcriminal effort to divert attention from hermalpactice, Dr. Julia Garber made a false report toACS claiming Mrs. James "suffered from Munchausen byProxy" and the couple was displaying "strange andunusual behavior". Dr. Julia Garber's criminal intentcontinued when she falsely misrepresented herself as aPsychiatric to ensure credibility and ensure that hercharges against Mr. and Mrs. James would stick. Theunethical and criminal behavior of Dr. Julia Garberwas revealed under oath during a court hearing whereshe admitted that she had met the James only one timeand had only spent 3-4 minutes with them. She alsoadmitted she was not a Psychiatrist as she had clearlystated in the report to ACS. Dr. Garber's maliciousreport lead to the 'kidnapping/removal of Amber Jamesby ACS. Yet, Dr. Julia Garber was never charged withendangering the welfare of a child or placing thischild in imminent danger.

The initial evaluating ACS, caseworker, Ms. GeraldineFowler, accurately noted the loving, stable,well-balanced family to which Amber belonged, yet at alater date she visited the James while they were out,and claimed she was denied access to their home...shewas unable to reach them by phone as the James' phonecompany filed bankrucy and went out of business. StillMs. Fowler reported to the family court that AmberJames was in imminant danger. The court removed Amber and placed her with a fostercare matron who beat her so badly, that her wails,bruises, black eyes were recorded, photographed andreported. Yet, no one was charged with endangeringthe welfare of this one was charge withplacing this child in imminent danger. Instead, Amberwas moved to another foster care chamber where she wassexually abused and the abuser was allowed to explainthe penetration of Amber as "an accident", yet no onewas charged with endangering the welfare of a child,nor was anyone charged with placing this child inimminent danger. To add insult to injury,St.Vincent's caseworker, Andrian Prichette responsedto the parents' outrage by informing them that she,Prichette, had known the foster care Abuser for 4yrsand would do everything to protect her. Question is,who is Adrian Prichette hired to protect, the child orthe adult? Neither the sexual abuser foster person norAdrian Prichette were ever charged with endangeringthe welfare of a child, nor charged with placing thischild in emminent danger.

To smoke screen the issue again and avoid liabilty,ACS, once again moved Amber to yet another foster careholding pend. There, Amber was so neglected andmalnourished that her dramatic weight lose lead to yetanother move to yet another foster care holding pend.Needless to say, no one was charge with endangeringthe welfare of a child, nor was anyone charge withplacing this child in imminent danger.

The abuse and torture in foster care so traumatizedthis child that 6 years old Amber James suffered aPsychiatric breakdown that resulted in her adimissionto Kings County Psychiactric Unit. It was during theprocessing stage at the Kings County Psychiatricemergency room where Amber was abandoned by St.Vincent's caseworker Adrian Prichette, in whose careAmber was trusted. Adrian Prichette admitted that sheleft the sleeping child in the emergency roomunprotected because it was 12:00 midnight and she,Prichette, had to get home to her own family. YetAdrian Prichette was not charged with endangering thewelfare of a child, nor was she charged with placingthis child in imminent danger.

Instead, Amber and her parents were punished forrevealing this incredible negligence and exposingAdrian Prichette. Without any warning Amber wasdischarged from the hospital and placed in yet anotherundisclosed foster care chamber. Three(3) weeks later,Amber's whereabouts is still being withheld from herparents. Mr. and Mrs. James suspect that Amber mayhave sustained addition visible injuries and isdiliberatly being kept from her picture takingparents.

ACS' criminal charade continues in the ongoing 1028hearing, which was to take place within 72 hours ofAmber's removal, yet 3 months later this hearing isstill in process. On November 21st, Ms. Jamestestimony refuted every single charge that ACS hauledat her in a methodical and compelling way. At thispoint, it is unclear what ACS's charges are because itsimply create new charges as each charge is refuted.

During this hearing, ACS reported that on FridayNovember 16th, while playing with the foster carewoman's 12 year old son, Amber James collaped withchest pains. The foster care woman failed to reviveAmber and 911 was called. NYC Fire department werethe first to arrived and revived Amber, stablized andplaced her on oxygen until EMS arrived. Hearing of her daughter's collapse, Ms. James, stillon the witness stand, broke down and sob unconsolably,while Mr. James so overcomed with emotion that, withtears running down his cheeks, he stormed out of thecourtroom, openly accusing all involved of being'evil' and 'devil' to continue to subject his daughterto this torture.

Faced with the powerful and totally credible testimonyof Ms. James, Judge Richroath, ordered that AmberJames be placed in Kinship immediately, beforeThanksgiving.Thankgiving can and went and still Amber is not withher kin in Kinship.

cruel, criminal and unjust removal of Amber Jameshas cause irreparable emotional, psychological andphysical damages to this family. When will theirtorturous nightmare come to an end? When will thosewho have blatantly endanged the welfare of Amber Jamesand willfully placed her in Imminant danger becharged. When will justice be served and Amber Jamesbe released and returned to the safety and security ofher loving Parents and family. When?



The Advocate06 said...


The Advocate06 said...

Hi sorry its BellasMom06, I would like permission to repost this on all my blogs.
Is there a number we can call or fax or email the Court in support of this family? I will even write it up and we can forward it out.


Louise said...


As a matter of fact I just got done Faxing Senator Diane Savino once again on the abuses to this family as well as my own family.

I will be posting the letter to her for all to read, perhaps you would like to write to her as well I will include her mail and fax #'s.

I know many have written on behalf of the James Family, I hope something is done,the system is out of control.


unityandstruggle said...

December 12th Movement
456 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone (718) 398-1766 * Fax (718) 623-1855

Stop ACS Attack on Black Families

City-Wide Protest
Monday, June 16, 2008 at 12 PM
ACS Headquarters, 150 William St., Downtown NYC

Echoes of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the abusive systematic attack on Black families at the hands of government reverberate in the halls of the NYC Administration of Children’s Services. ACS has time and again, snatched Black children from stable intact families on flimsy pretexts.

The Committee to Free Amber James and the December 12th Movement call for a City-Wide Protest to Stop ACS Attack on Black Families. The protest will take place on the International Day of the African Child, Monday, June 16, 2008 at 12 PM in front of the Administration of Children’s Services Headquarters, 150 William Street, Downtown, New York City.

“We must join together to protect our children. Too many families are suffering alone and in fear. Together, we are stronger,” said community organizer, Lateefah Carter. “We want everyone who is being abused by this racist system to come out and resist.”

Deanne said...

Great work.