Thursday, November 29, 2007

Open Letter to Senator Diane Savino on behalf of ACS targeted parents

I sent the letter below along with a copy of this story- Click here: The Toccoa Record: Top Stories to Senator Savino, I suggest all targets of abusive CPS practices alert their Senators and ask for the same.

November 29, 2007

Senator Diane Savino
36 Richmond Terrace,
Suite 112
Staten Island, New York 10301
Tel: (718) 727-9406
Fax: (718) 727-9426

Good afternoon Senator Savino:

Last week I sent you copies of letters I had written to the DOJ, the D.A. and Judge Minardo asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the “legal“ kidnapping of the children in the Uccio v Argenziano apparent politically connected case.

I also sent you before and after pictures of my children, I am sure it was clear these children need someone to intervene.

Due to ACSs fraudulent practices, as well my estranged husband’s apparent political connections to Judge Panepinto, my children have been emotionally abused repeatedly for the last five years.

Now my Divorce/custody case is before Judge Panepinto and she is refusing to recuse herself, while acting like a street thug on the bench using arm gestures more likely to be found in a gang fight. Judge Panepinto is claiming there is no connection and that after 17+ years of working under Jospeh Panepinto; he and my husband have never met, nor does Mr. Panepinto know my estranged husbands last name. Judge Panepinto also stated my estranged husbands live in alleged child pornography photographer girlfriend Aggie Panepinto is not a relative to Judge Panepinto’s husband.

The system is broken, and I know that you are aware of this.

I also know that you are aware of the Amber James ACS “legal” kidnapping case. The targets of ACS have come together, [including an ex case worker] and have been exposing the fraud destroying our families. Please help us with your powerful and respected voice; as the Senator in the enclosed article has helped those targeted in her district.

I respectfully ask that you begin an investigation by a special prosecutor with these two cases [Uccio v Argenziano] and [Amber James] into the fraudulent practices of ACS and give our families a chance to become the next generation of functioning healthy Americans.

There are many other families that are victims of the rampant abuse of power in our country today, please be a voice for these children, and say enough is enough.

Respectfully Submitted

Louise Uccio

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