Saturday, November 17, 2007

Children find homes during Adoption Day in White Plains

The sad part is the public actually believes that these children were in need of homes, because they had been abused in their own homes.

I'll bet my last dollar that 99% if not 100% of these children have good loving parents that are exhausted from years worth of fighting this wonderful system of ours desperately trying to get back these children that were never abused in the first place, but were legally kidnapped for money!

God help us all, how do any of em sleep at night?


(Original publication: November 17, 2007)

WHITE PLAINS - About 900 children are in foster care in Westchester County, but 17 lucky youngsters found permanent homes today.

The children, along with Westchester County court officials and adoptive parents gathered this afternoon in White Plains to celebrate the 8th annual Adoption Day.

Judge Kathie Davidson, supervising judge of the Westchester Family Court, along with Family Court Judge Colleen Duffy and Acting Family Court Judge William Edwards, finalized the adoptions of the children to Westchester families in honor of the day.

"In the New York court system, we believe in families," Edwards said. "This day represents the culmination of a family. Nothing is more precious than gathering a family to come together."

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