Monday, October 26, 2009

In order to change the output, we must change the input.

Wow- that's all I can say...

In this article (below) there is a gentleman named Richard. Hmmm, Richard reminds me of a few people near and dear to me.

I hope they've found this blog and really pay attention to the entire article below.. it can and will change their lives forever.. if only they hear what's being said.. as Richard finally did!

If you want to know why you suffer from so much emotional pain..and how... ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE THAT PAIN- then this (link below) is a must read!

Keep in mind that near the end of the article.. there will be a gift more important to you than any gift you have ever recieved or will recieve..

THE SIMPLE- KEY TO A PAIN-FREE LIFE! Follow the external link and invest the time in your future to really read the entire article..

Are you in enough pain to hear the truth now- so you can change the input ENOUGH that's causing the pain? No? Ehh it's all good- one day you will be, save this link for then!

Use the + at the top of the article (header) to make the font easier to read. ~


2 WHAT CAUSES OUR PAIN? Pain, like all feelings, ...

The thought that we are responsible for our lives can be difficult the first ... Your reality arises from inside you. My words are just a trigger for what ... changes on the outside. Until you take charge of your internal reality structure , you are .... cause our feelings , it only resonates what is already there. ...

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