Saturday, October 3, 2009

Press Release Re: Gregg Fisher's Children

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release:

October 1, 2009 Greg Fischer's Children Returned from a 2 year plus Wyoming Abduction Long Island, New York: Two years plus of child abduction and re-abduction may be ended.

On October 1, 2009, Suffolk County, NY Family Court Judge Andrew Tarantino ORDERED that Clark and Anna Fischer were New York citizens and ORDERED them to return to and remain in New York with their father, Greg Fischer (a long-time pro bono lobbyist for children's issues and former New York State Senate Candidate).

Disgracefully, under New York law, the abducting parent may now have the opportunity to counter the order with a "move-away" petition that could plea that the abducted to location is a "status quo" home for the children. As well, as is true in so many cases where Federal law has been thwarted, lawsuits persist in the "abducted to forum" (Wyoming in this case).

The abduction which occurred on September 17, 2007 (the day before his primary election day) when Greg Fischer was injured with a family car in the process of a "parental abduction" by a former spouse who was hearing voices telling her to "burn the children alive"; thereafter, Mr. Fischer spent election morning in the local emergency room --- the day ended with an election lost by about 200 votes.

Two days later, on September 19, 2007, the child abductor got an ex-parte (no evidence required) custody order in Wyoming thus completely usurping the jurisdiction of the home state courts in New York. Local New York police refused to enter the children into the Federal NCIC system for the entire two year plus abduction. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office,and Thomas Spota, DA, office specifically and consciously, also blocked the entry into NCIC. This caused Mr. Fischer to have to fight for his children completely alone and with no government help at all. Even the Suffolk County Victims Center and Center for Megan's Law refused Mr. Fischer and the children help, even after the centers were informed, in sworn documents, that the children were co-housed with a third-party child molester. Further, the local police and the DA's office refused to take Mr. Fischer's complaint for the Felony Assault upon him via the family car.

They also refused to take a criminal complaint for the ONLY law New York has to deter parental kidnapping (Custodial Interference, Penal Law 135.50).

"There has been a problem of a serpentine pattern of political reprisal that may continue for some time to come, most of the collusion has been done with a 'backroom' understanding, a sort of a wink and a smile" said Greg Fischer, "some of the snake's tail is showing but we have to see where the snake's head is and cut it off".

It is not all over, there is still the matter of a Wyoming instant "temporary" ex-parte (no evidence required) order that the child abductor is continuing to promulgate, granted by the abducting state, the so called "safe haven" state of Wyoming, a Child Abductor's Haven.

That order now conflicts with the recent New York Order. New York needs stronger Child Abduction Prevention law. Unlike the states of New Jersey, California, and many others, who assert a FELONY as soon as a child is concealed, there is NO LAW to bar parental child abduction from New York.

Greg Fischer is helping legislators craft new laws to be introduced in the Suffolk County Legislature, the New York State Legislature in Albany, and in the US Congress. "this kind of anti-abduction, pro-family and pro child legislation is so pure and good, it helps us to shine the light on the detractors and legislators that generally have evil minds" says Mr. Fischer "all it does is protect a child's citizen rights".

The Wyoming Governor's Office is aware of the problem, and knows of other similar cases, but they have thus far taken no action to correct their state's pro-abduction policies.

A "BOYCOTT WYOMING" project is being formed by a small group of "left-behind parents" (parenta l abduction victims) to force Wyoming to close the pro-child-abduction legal loopholes they have intentionally legislated. The group intends to target the Wyoming Tourist Industry first.

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal can be contacted at (307) 777-7434

Congress also needs to fix anti-abduction laws that have again been thwarted by individual states. Thus far, Mr. Fischer's local Congressmen, Tim Bishop (Democrat, NY District 1) has completely ignored all of Mr. Fischer's written and personal request to take any action to protect children from abduction "or any other matter".

However, tonight Clark and Anna will sleep safely in the Calverton, New York home they were born in. Greg Fischer asks that he not be called so he can attend to his children but he can be faxed at 631-727-9638 and emailed at

Voice for the Children is glad to see Clark and Anna returned home and we thank New York Family Court Judge Honorable Andrew Tarantino for his brave and proper order in defense of children's and parent's citizen rights to a safe and stable home".

We also, support Mr. Fischer in promulgating better law and fighting corruption in New York and Wyoming.

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Anonymous said...

While it it wonderful that Mr. Fisher finally has his children with him, Wyoming will NEVER change it's laws regarding child abduction because THEY are the largest offenders. The State of Wyoming legally (I use that term VERY losely) kidnapped my daughter, alienated her from me and retains custody of her to this day because not a single sole in the entire Child Pretending System process did their job. Not one!!! Including the Judge. In fact they all managed to throw every constitutional right we are entitled to right out the window (after they trampled it to death). There is corruption a mile high in that state.
But God Bless Mr. Fisher. I am truly happy that he finally has his children with him and wish them all the future happiness.

Greg Fischer said...


I am working to change the law in Wyoming too ... lets work on it together. Bless you too.

Greg Fischer
Fax: 631-727-9538

Anonymous said...

There are many half-truths and untruths in this press release.
To become informed as to Greg Fischers level of credibility in his community, visit
There are sometimes valid reason why people lose custody of their children.
Read the information and decide for yourself

Louise Uccio said...

Ok all opinions are out there ...

Jesse's Stump said...

Indeed I could also say that public corruption uses the instruments of justice to also cover something even more menacing in an effort to avoid a public panic. What could that be? The real state of security which our leadership addresses, and the status of our state administrations and it's hired help. It has been quite open now that state's do not always report everything the way they are required by federal law. Police do not report everything to avoid civil disquiet. People need to know emergencies are addressed in the same manner of importance that a triage priority system operates.
Where children are involved it would help to also include that although lower authorities are always seeking to claim the prize of discovery, these might also route witnesses to spill the beans to them first in an effort to better prepare which might enter a conflict of interest a state cannot afford. Uncle Sam handles those matters requiring INTEL, and lower authority with all the favors some contacts could bring are blocked certain security matters which are out of their jurisdiction. Is this a HUGE public safety threat when chidren weigh in the balance? Sure. How long could children hold for a rescue to come for them? When does a domestic disturbance cross the line of Humanitarian law? When Sheriffs & state leaderships use the powers they have to take greater charge in their state like Arizona, Texas, Florida, and New York do somehow this Constitutional stand empowers the greater states in the union to uphold diligently. I am certain that when people see that some people do have backbone this will press for greater safety protections for reporting vessels.
This movement needs to move westward and something needs to be established for our entire nation as children actually seem to possess no citizenship or rights ...when it all comes down.
There are sparks of this movement All print that California are for children's rights showing some of what has passed of late but this ought to have been from the beginning and not just for the vulnerable of today. Do children have a worth when they are little? If these do, then the thought of how much this costs our nation alone would prompt speedy action. Do every case need to be televized? Not necessarily, many families just want a chance to REPAIR and properly restore. No one wants an outreach to exploit a personal tragedy to raise funding for their cause at the expense of the misery of others. People need to be immediately routed and people need to sharpen their deductive skills to properly judge emergencies thru legal domains like Greg has done. When blocked because of complacency, this is what the GOA office needs to address. Are everyone still using the same excuse that they are alreay overwhelmed and inundated? Are people doing other people's work? Civil servants and professional alike who deal with the public swore an oath which ought to never have been entered lightly.