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After 25 Years, Foster Family Reunited

Tamisha Granger, now 32, spent the past 25 years wondering why her foster parents abandoned her.
Television Show Highlights Story of 1 Woman's Search
(Oct. 13) -- For 25 years, Tamisha Granger wondered what she had done wrong.
At the age of 7, after living with a loving foster family for nearly five years in New Rochelle, N.Y.,
Tamisha awoke one winter morning to find her bags packed, the New York Daily News reports.

Told she would be going away for good, a crying and screaming Tamisha was pulled away from her distraught foster mother, Mary Radcliff, by a woman from social services.

According to the Daily News, no one ever offered Tamisha an explanation of what had happened, leaving her to anguish over why her foster family had decided to suddenly get rid of her. The family's reunion took place this past spring, finally putting to rest the questions Tamisha, now 32, had carried with her all these years.

"It just felt wonderful to know that I have been loved by her [Mary] for all that time," Tamisha told the Daily News.

Having taken in a malnourished Tamisha when she was just 2, the Radcliffs had never formally adopted the girl. A worsening financial situation, in addition to the birth of their own daughter, Lachaya, put the family in a precarious situation.

"Deciding not to adopt Tamisha was the hardest decision we've ever had to make," Mary Radcliff told the paper. "We felt we couldn't continue to support her financially. I've had to live with that decision all of my life."

Radcliff says she didn't realize that she wouldn't be able to continue a relationship with Tamisha after she was gone, the paper said. But in her new home, Tamisha's new guardian thought it better for the girl to break ties with her old family.

For 25 years, Mary kept Tamisha's pictures and grade school report cards by her bedside, the Daily News said. Then, after watching an episode of "The Locator," a television show dedicated to reuniting long-separated friends and family, Lachaya Radcliff decided to approach the program about finding Tamisha.

'The Locator' Reunites Family With Foster Daughter Tamisha Granger

I wish the players in the above family well!

Now for my personal quarters worth-- on real [apparent] abandonment situations which are usually REALLY [il]legal kidnappings issues...


(comes from the emotional torture -- so if ya can't handle it -- please exit safely now-- use the lil x up top on the right hand side of this blog)

This story pulled at my heart for my own children and the other children that have been wrongly ripped from their parents. These poor babies are growing up feeling abandoned yet they have no idea that they were forcibly torn from our lives!

In this particular story it was the foster parents final choice after being given the chance to keep the child they couldn't do it. Unlike my story as well as many other parents I've worked with over the years-- our children were torn out of our lives without OUR CONSENT!

Some cases like mine- the innocent naive parents were torn from their children (for months or years-- my case was SEVENTEEN MONTHS-- before I broke down and agreed to give the cockbag custody-- anything just let me see my babies)) with bogus bullshit lies then warned unless they gave up custody they would never see their children again.

What a shame-- these grown children are going to suffer forever with abandonment issues and sometimes many of them don't get to find out THEY WEREN'T ABANDONED!! But they were manipulated-- coerced-- or torn from loving parents (like myself) that had no other choice!

Lets all say thank you to our fucked up system-- for tearing children from loving parents and screwing up their lives forever!

Lets take a moment here to also tell these adult children the pain the left behind (or forced to be left out of the child's life) parent tries to live with-- it's unfuckin bearable endless pain!

Let me take a moment to thank the attorneys, judges, hearing officers, forensic evaluators and hey even the SIG Sherril Spatz-- that had a chance to give my children peace of mind but who decided it was more important to align with my abusive estranged husband and his political connections-- and screw my children (S.U, Dawn Uccio, Louie Uccio and Nicky Uccio) up for life!

Thanks --

hearing officer bonnie cohen gallet

judge terrene mcelrath

judge barbara panepinto-- and your husband (my estranged husbands-- apparent political connection joseph panepinto from the catholic charities cyo where mr panepinto s the director and my cockbag husband has worked for the last 20 or so years-- oh yeah and i might as well thank you too aggie panepinto my estranged husbands live in lover-- who got to play mommy to my kids while I begged these other mother fuckers to give me access-- and got refused!) may you all get exactly what you gave me-- never ending emotional pain and torture!

judge debra silber

judge lubell


catherine bridge

and the now dead -- mario accunzo (who in my opinion, didn't suffer enough at the end he got off easy with a heart attack-- nah not enough suffering for being the one that threatened me into giving up my kids or i'd never see them again)

forensic evaluators from staten island family court services mrs. amerose and mr. mitch rousie

well the list goes on and on-- they all know who they are!

Thank you all for contributing to the emotional hell me and my children are and will be for a long time to come-- living in!

May you all sleep exceptionally well tonight!

As for me... I'll survive until I an be reunited with my children -- they gave me anti-anxiety/anti- depression medication and sleeping pills to get through it-- I wish the same for you and yours!


As for the other parents and grown children -- lets keep the faith and hope our children come looking for us for answers when they grow up! Perhaps we can then get them the emotional help they will need!

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