Monday, October 26, 2009

Could there be Borg here on Earth?

Yanno, I hardly watch television.

For some reason I turned the T.V. on yesterday and found myself wathing "Witness to...."

Each Story was told by witnesses to the inside different Cults... If I have to say it myself.. it was very interesting to watch- from a very "aware" state of mind.

Anywho.. when all was said and done..

The question was: Could there be Borg here on Earth.

Borg (Star Trek) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Answer is: Duhhhh of course there are!

What do the Borg, Cults and Alienated Children aka Enmeshed Families have in common?

An egotistical, selfish, evil manipulator.. as a leader..

One who can and will manipulate the unknowing into ugly consequences in their personal lives (sabotaging their lives) for the greater of the collective aka selfish leader!

Meanwhile the manipulated go about their days believing the thoughts that are causing havoc and pain in their lives are their own. (think-- don't drink the koolaid- Jim Jones- Jamestown- over 900 people willingly without thought drank the koolaid and died- knowing this was why they were drinking it)

Thank God for denial, justification, dismissal and distraction, projection, assimilation an cybernetic implants or those that have been manipulated might just snap out on the leader if they allowed themselves to see reality in all it's glory!

In order to do that- they would have to love themselves (be concerned with thier happiness) more than they were taught to "love and obey" the leader- and step outside the picture and ask themselves..

What if this is true- what if.. all the things I've learned to justify, deny or ignore were really unconcious learned behavior (cause that's the way it always was) to do what was in the best interest of the leader... without any concious thought given- just act on auto pilot?

Would my life.. my pain.. and my problems.. make more sense then?

If the answer is yes.. then perhaps it's time for a wake-up call-- A reality check!

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