Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Social Workers AGAINST Child Protective Services

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Social Workers Against Child Procetive Services... Blog and tell it like it is..

Social Workers AGAINST Child Protecive Services « Amiablyme - Knowledge Is Power

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Barbie said...

My great grandaughter was taken by CPS and put in foster care. She inserted a marker in her vagina. CPS said she was sexually abused by penetration. The six year old told the worker what happened but was not believed. The father was working 550 miles away at the time. The only people in the household was myself, my daughter and my grandaughter. CPS also tooke the three year old dauhter.

I worked for CPS for two years in Dallas, Texas and I know how they operate. This is a living nightmare. The two caseworkers brought four policemen to my house with four police cars. It looked like Ruby Ridge revisited. We have Court Friday and the children will probably not return home. A permanency hearing has already been scheduled and we haven't even had court yet. Does that tell you something. I feel like I did when my teenage son died. I will never get over this. These children have never been physically or sexually abused. They were well cared for but a little spoile. I really miss them. This nightmare could happen to anyone.

There wasn't even a man in the house when this happened and not of us women have ever abused any children. Just be careful out there.

Barbie said...

The saga continues for my great grandchilden in CPS custody. The children have stock to their story. No sexual abuse. CPS never believes the children unless it fits their story. Why do they even question the children over and over?

A knows that she was taken away because she put a marker in her virgina. Six year olds are not dumb. She came right out and asked her mom if that was the reason. When the worker takes A home from a visit, she takes her seat belt off, screams, "I want my moma. I want to go home." She has even started hitting sister because A is so stressed out. This is too sad to even think about.

These CPS workers and hospital nurses do not keep up with studies or new training. I was a CPS worker once and I know how they operate. The parents have been to parenting classes and are taking counseling. Another court date is on July 21, 2011. We will find out what the CPS Judge says since they do anything a caseworker wants them to.