Sunday, April 5, 2009

NY high school worries after 4th student suicide


The fourth student suicide of the school year is raising already heightened concerns at an Albany-area high school, and a school official wants to call in federal health experts.

Schenectady Schools Superintendent Eric Ely said Saturday he would ask the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to examine the series of suicides among Schenectady High School students in the past five months. The latest happened Thursday.

The National Institute of Mental Health says about eight in 100,000 U.S. adolescents between 15 and 19 take their own lives each year. Schenectady High has 2,700 students.

Ely says the four students who killed themselves were girls from the same part of Schenectady, but it's unclear how well they knew each other.

NY high school worries after 4th student suicide The Journal News

My Two Cents-

I want to know why.. I want to know if these girls were living in one parent homes with the non custodial parent prevented from loving the children as it should be...

I want to know what happened to these girls that they felt life was no longer an option...

I want to know if parent alienation, child protective services or pharma drugs played any role...

I'm OUTRAGED that these innocnet lives ended well before they even had a chance to live..

I want someones ass held accountable!

Then I want change!

There should be NO REASON at all that there are four young ladies dead by thier own hand NONE!


I want to know who made money off these girls lives being destroyed to the point of feeling they had no other option but than to end it all!

Follow the money.. something tells me we will get our answers if we do our homework..

Was Title IV Federal funding involved> for those that have no idea what I'm talking about.. I suggest you read earlier posts on this blog.. about our children's lives being torn apart for federal funding.. wheather that funding is through child support.. or child (anything but) protective services. Were the pharma co's involved?

Damit people don't just read these kinds of stories and then walk away thinking it doesn't involve you... these are children were talking about.. innocent children.. who's lives are being destroyed in the name of money and power!

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