Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Child Abuse Domestic Violence Divorce and Parent Alienation part of your life? Please take part in this poll

For those of you that may have missed the poll over there >>> Disgusted with the system

I'm gonna whine for a min or two until you go take it!!

I am putting it here in the body of this post for all to see!

I'm well into writing a book... I had the P.C. version of my book, all ready to be put together..

Then one of my nearest and dearest friends a Christin God fearing, non cursing, non smoking woman.. read the first chapter and .. believe it or not.. she said "Where's Weezie in there?"

She said she could see that I was holding back the real me!

Well for those of you that know the "real Weezie" that's not such a bad thing.. can you believe some people actually have the nerve to say I'm obnoxious? Pftttttttttt!! (smile)

So, I edited it and gave her the Weezie version - raw uncut and uncensored!

Any who.. The topic[s] of the book are child abuse..domestic violence..divorce and parent alienation..

The title is Connecting The Dots.

It's a combination Biography.. Self Help..navigating yourself back to you and navigating the System..

It's written in almost.. umm ok not almost .. more often than not.. it's written with a fantasy sorta flair.

Now the bigger question is ..

Do you want to read it.. Raw uncut and uncensored.. (and is anyone willing to critique it?)

Or would you rather have the P.C. version.. wrapped up all pretty in a lil pink bow?

Orrrr should I keep the P.C. version and start off with that.. then get down and dirty later?

Please take a moment to vote in the poll...

(1) Do you want the raw.. fuck you .. you fuckin fuck what are you blind.. version?

(2) Do you want the politically correct.. excuse me sir, it's over there version.

(3) Or a combo of both?

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