Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ohh here we go again..

I've obviously upset the trolls..

Then they went and posted a blog especially for me (smile)

I attempted to leave a reply but it appears you have to be part of the peanut gallery to leave a message .. so I'll leave it here instead.

Here is the blog she posted all for me (bigger smile)

Mama Liberty: Disgusted with the system: Parent Alienation Leaves bruises deep inside

Here is the reply that she won't accept because I'm not part of the man haters club..
I mean part of her peanut gallery.


Girlfriend (tongue in cheek) let me tell you that I'll bet my last dollar that you only wish you knew what I know about dysfunction and dysfunctional relationships.. personalities.. personality disorders... enmeshment.. abuse.. co-dependent.. and so on.. it's the enmeshed dysfunction where alienation plays a MAJOR ROLE!

And hey guess what?

Dysfunction isn't gender specific.. magine that?

So see that you actually learned something today (clap clap clap) use it to help not hinder a serious problem Parent Alienation and Parent Alienation Syndrome!

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