Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Santa Clara County 4000 Mil. Fraud and Damages Law Suit

Santa Clara County
$400 M Fraud & Damages Suit


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After a Federal FalseClaims Act suit was unsealed last week, the County of Santa Clara has beenserved with a summons to appear on charges of defrauding State and Federal SocialSecurity funds for Foster Care.

The suit alleges that theDepartment of Family and Children's Services regularly bills the State and Federal Governments for managing case files of children that do not exist. The attorney for the case estimated the damages and fraud at about $400 million dollars in State and Federal funds.

The Whistleblower in thiscase reportedly has copies of documents that show DFCS Management and Supervisors ordered Social Workers to bill for 5 children in one case rather than for the two children that the mother actually gave birth to.

Dr. Karl Hoffower, the President of the South Bay Chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights said, "We have been receiving complaints against DFCS for several years. Parents have brought evidence of improper conduct on the part of Social Workers that never made sense until now. By this suit it appears that DFCS Social Workers have a monetary motivation behind their actions."Dr. Hoffower went on to say, "This lawsuit could also be the explanation for why 40% of the case files inthe County's 2003 'Children of Color Study*', that investigated DFCS on charges of racism, were missing.

While it has always seemed odd that 40% of theDFCS files were never found for that study, this lawsuit might have the best explanation for that blunder. They just never existed to begin with.

The suit further charges that several psychologists have assisted in defrauding the State and Federal programs by billing for therapy sessions that never took place. The Whistleblower alleges that DFCS contracts with psychologists to perform therapy sessionsto children in the Foster Care System. Those sessions were reimbursed via aprepaid contract with the County, yet the Whistleblower's claims no refund was made when the sessions did not take place. In fact the suit claims to have evidence that DFCS and the psychologists agreed that the money didn't have to be paid back.

The former Ombudsman and current Legal Redress Officer for the Silicon Valley NAACP, Ms. Nedra Jonessaid, "I knew there must be some type of fraud going on with DFCS. This suit validates the complaints we tried to bring to the attention of the Countyback in 2004. The deceitful actions and callous disregard for the truth was a daily fight we experienced while trying to work with Social Workers and DFCS Management.

No wonder we had a hard time trying to help right the wrongs of DFCS, they didn't want us looking too far into their cases for fear of being found out.

"If you think you have had your rights violated by Social Workers or DFCS, call the CCHR hotline at 1-800-330-7290.

The children of Color Study's full title, "An Evaluation of Factors Related to the Disproportionate Representation of Children of Color in Santa Clara County's Child Welfare System"

Dr. Karl Hoffower, D.C.President, South Bay Chapter Citizens Commission on Human Rights Cleaning up the field of mental health since

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nmmomof5 said...

I have been through a nightmare with the Santa Fe, New Mexico family court and now my ex has my two oldest living with him after fully alienating them from me. I still have my three youngest but he's working on them too, so I'm trying to find a lawyer who will help me get sole custody of them so I can keep them away from his abuse. My lawyer doesn't seem to care. Any advice? Also, I saw that you sued the ACS and the city. I would like to do the same since the AC and GAL lied about me in their reports and my old lawyer did nothing. How do I find a lawyer willing to sue the AC, GAL and my old lawyer for legal malpractice? I need help so I can rescue my three youngest before it's too late!!

Louise Uccio said...

I'm so sorry to hear what you and your children are going through.

My well read opinion as far as the alienation goes, -- again a cover my ass clause here-- I am not a Dr- or any kind of proffesional-- but very well read in this area-- use the five senses to get your children back.. we have to appeal to their unconcious/old brain- which works better with pictures opposed to words-- smell sound taste those kinds of things. Unconcidional love they are vitims just as we are!!! Don't bad mouth the other parent. And leave your heart, mind and door open!

My opinion on the legal queston -- protect my ass clause here-- I'm not an attorney -- so this is MY OPINON ONLY -- is to find a constitutional or civil rights attorney in your area. Look for them online with those search words, try the small guys first, a lot of the larger firms wont touch these cases.

Best of luck!

Louise Uccio said...

One more thing-- look up critical thinking-- and teach your children to think critically. It's really not that hard and a lot of times it helps them to see reality in a whole new light!

blondie390 said...

I have to believe these judges are either to stupid or paid off on some of the domestic cases. My friend was served a restraining order with false allegations and she showed this as well as where this grifter guy perjured himself and the judge still gave him the restraining order. Same goes to those with kids, I guess the truth does not account for anything anymore. Why should the judge have the right to mess with families!