Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Childcare Advocates Warn Against Funding Cuts


America here is our chance - don't miss it!

Demand that the Government - Stop funding the [il]legal removal (INCENTIVES to State Child Services to put our children in foster care) of children in good loving homes..

If they insist on money DEMAND it be used for PREVENTIVE SERVICES unless the parents can be charged in CRIMINAL COURT AND CONVICTED OF ABUSE!

Other wise LET THE CHILDREN get the IN HOME help they need.. with preventative services..


Here is what happens to these children...

Disgusted with the system: Too Old for Foster Care, and Facing the Recession

So when do your tax dollars stop benefiting the States via this kind of [il]legal kidnapping?

Don't believe me.. click the above link and here it from the horses mouth!

Childcare Advocates Warn Against Funding Cuts -

NY1 24 Hour Local News Top Stories Childcare Advocates Warn Against Funding Cuts

City Council members and the heads of childcare advocacy groups protested on the steps of City Hall Tuesday, warning city lawmakers that the proposed cuts to the city's budget will put children at risk.

They claim the city's Administration for Children's Services could see its budget reduced by more than $50 million, resulting in 550 layoffs and hundreds of vacant positions being left unfilled.

"We are very, very concerned that caseloads in the community will rise and make it much more difficult to reach the appropriate care and that the loss, the profound loss of jobs in ACS will jeopardize, I think, child safety," said Jennifer March-Joly, Citizens' Committee for Children.

The Bloomberg Administration beefed up ACS following the death of Nixzmary Brown in 2006. Advocates fear that the agency could become understaffed, which would result in increased caseloads for workers looking after abused children.

The Administration for Children's Services declined to comment.

Bloomberg says he will deliver an updated budget at the end of the month, but it's unclear if it will have any additional funding for childcare services.

After this post above I ran across this article...

Bloomberg Calls for Thousands of NYC Layoffs NBC New York

Excerpt =

The new round of cuts affects next year's budget, which begins on July 1 and would slash another $350 million. This comes on top of 15 percent in cuts Bloomberg already has ordered for next year. Today, most city agencies, including the Department of Health, the Buildings Department and the Administration for Children's services face an additional 4-percent reduction.

However, some agencies are taking less of a hit. Uniformed agencies like the FDNY and NYPD face an additional .5 percent cut and schools are being asked for a smaller 1.4 percent reduction.

My Two Cents - Given the above information is it not clear that Child Protective Services should recieve the largest cut - in an effort to save our [il]legally kidnapped children? And give the money to those that actually HELP distressed families such as the Fire and Police Dept.

How much of this [il]legal kidnapping is to blame for the huge turnover in case workers?

Could the same ole illusion of so many parents abusing innocent children be exposed as the lie it is.. soon enough?

News 10 Now 24 Hour Local News TOP STORIES Fighting high child caseworker turnover rates

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