Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hmm interesting site meter searches this week...

Wow, there has been some interesting activity this week on my sitemeter... involving players in my personal case.. the D.A's office was looking for judge debra silber .. the latest judge that violated my and my children's civil rights and constitutional rights.. and catholic charities (the org that my estranged husband and his boss ... one of the apparent main players .. mr. jospeh panepinto's wife.. judge barbara panepinto.. then today as if they "knew" things were stirring up.. the courts in Albany came back to my site and read all of the pages that have judge debra silbers name on them. Hmmm very interesting!

Wouldn't it be nice if they (the feds, the both the Eastern and the Southern US Attorney's,
or our new President all of whom I've contacted and then some) were finally doing something about the [il]legal kidnapping of my children.. who knows maybe my letters are paying off ..

Hmmm could it have been the one to (then elect president) now President Obama.

Disgusted with the system: OBAMA'S SECRET RESCUE MISSION

Anywho.. I have no idea why.. but perhaps justice is about to be served.. wouldn't that be nice!

Here's a link to the copied site meter hits.. of the latest searches..

God I love site meter!!

Ohh BTW judge debra silber.. when you unconstitutionally gagged me.. you reminded me that you didn't want to see your name on my blog..

Opzzzz I guess if you had followed the law.. your name could have been in the hero spotlight.. but you had a choice and you chose to violate my and my children's rights..

So you'll have to deal with your name being out there.. along with documentation.. of what you did to me and my children.. in your own words via my court transcript..

I really can't get over a domestic violence judge ignoring the breaking of an order of protection in her own court room.. while she totally ignored it and my plea for help... what has the court system come to??

To anyone else that has not seen the documents where judge debra silber violated my civil and constitutional rights along with my children's constitutional rights please take a look at the article 78 on the bottom right of this blog... Oh and lets not forget her not giving my VALID out of state order of protection any weight!

Isn't that a federal offense especially from a DV judge??

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Anonymous said...

the reason there looking into you blogs is becaus your about to get aressted

Louise Uccio said...

Which spineless ball-less bitch wrote this?

You or yours don't scare me fucktard!

I'm NOT the one getting arrested - but maybe you are!

Why don't you come out from behind your anonymous cover?

Or better yet just go fuck yourself.. Yeah I like that one better GO FUCK YOURSELF you'll need the practice when YOUR ASS IS IN JAIL FOR CONSPIRACY AND KIDNAPPING!