Friday, November 14, 2008

How to deal with being a partner to pas targeted parent

I often get ideas from other people's google searches...that I find on my site meter...

Today .. someone was looking for information concerning "how to deal with being a partner to pas targeted parent" so .. I gave it some thought ..and well to be quite honest I can't answer that question.

They were directed to my blog because I have answers to a lot of PA/PAS questions .. along with links to help them.. but nope- they were on their own in a search for "how to deal with being a partner to pas targeted parent"
Well (slapping myself on the forehead in a shudda had a V8 moment) Allan knows the dynamics of that situation very well..

Me- Ohhh Hunnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hunnie- Yeeeeesssssssssss??
Me- Why don't you start a blog for those that need to know "how to deal with being a partner to pas targeted parent" after all you DO have the answers to that?
Hunnie - well.. I guess I could ..

Me- Yesss you could.. but would you?

I say lets tell him how helpful that would be .. not only does he get to understand the topic in depth (yeah right like he don't already know) but seriously .. since I started blogging.. I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in psychology.. because the dynamics of dysfunctional families run very deep... VERY VERY DEEP and in order to understand one issue you really have to study ALL THE ISSUES .. that is .. if your like and and want to REALLY HAVE THE ANSWER to your question.. know it inside out and outside in..

Is there really any other way to say you have knowledge on any subject .. unless you can recite it in your sleep .. the why what when how .. and how to prevent are all part of "it" aren't they?

So I need help .. leave Hunnie a message and let him know ... if you think this is a topic he should spend any time on blogging.

I'm sure he can take time away from bonging his co- workers over the head and post a few blogs to help others in his situation.

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