Thursday, November 27, 2008

DCF Worker Lies to Police Repeatedly Again

West Hartford, CT - A New Park Avenue woman was expected to spend Thanksgiving in the West Hartford jail after DCF worker lies and falsely accused mother of attempting to kidnap her two youngest children, who are in the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

Carmen Ramos, 30, of 365 New Park Ave., was having a supervised visit with her children when she told a third child, who is a teenager, to take the two younger children to a nearby park and play with the full approval of the DCF worker. DCF worker continued to lie to police about Ramos saying Ramos allegedly planned to go to the park and take the two children with her even though the DCF worker gave the permission to play at the park.

DCF worker supervising the visit immediately contacted police knowing she screwed up and had to lie to the police in order to look for children. In the meantime, another woman who was there went looking for the children and found them at the nearby park playing. She brought them back to the site of the supervised visit where the DCF worker continued to lie.

As a direct result of the DCF worker lying to police because of her gross incompetence, police falsely charged Ramos with five counts of risk of injury to a minor even though NO child was ever harmed and the children were given permission by the DCF worker, two counts of custodial interference even though the worker gave permission and two counts of second-degree kidnapping even though the worker gave permission. She remained in custody, with bail set at $75,000.

This is how DCF and its workers treat children who want to play in the park on a holiday. By putting the mother in jail by the false statements by the DCF worker who is instructed by her supervisor to make these false statements.

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As I have been telling you, this is the clay foot of the entire system. Expose the money trail. Judges and workers are profitting from these private agencies.


We need to do this county by county across this nation and expose, expose, expose!

I urge you all to think about this as a possibility to make changes in your county and state.

Bless you all,


As forwarded below.

Pass on to Texas citizens and family rights activists.

The same district attorney (Juan Angel Guerra) who has indicted Dick Cheney in organized crime has decided that he wants to help CPS reform by indicting judges in his area who are participating in organized crime by being attached to CPS foster and adoption agencies. I spoke with him, personally, this morning. By him prosecuting Dick Cheney for profiting off the torture of prisoners in the private prisons he was invested in and using his position to prevent investigation into abuse at the prison, he will be setting the bar for judges and other political officials all through the U.S.A.!

Juan Guerra is selfishly putting himself on the line for our families here! We need to support his efforts so that Dick Cheney's indictments do not get swept under the rug in Willacy County, Tx. He is going to organize a protest outside of the courthouse for December 1st, 2008 and I expect everyone to be there! This is our knight in shining armor, people! In order for the indictments on CPS judges to stick, this first case MUST BE WON! Please contact everyone you know in Texas and get them to be there on December first!

All protestors need to check in with Guerra's office by Saturday so they know what's going on! I know it's short notice; however, this is the case, people! God Bless Juan Angel Guerra for his bravery and excellent character! Please contact Patience for further details at (909) 567-2067, or

Also, all victims of CPS abuse in Texas are encouraged to contact Patience IMMEDIATELY so that Juan can begin indicting those judges RIGHT NOW!

Thank you!

C. Patience Summers
(909) 567-2067

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Please go to this site and sign the petition.Department of children and families abuse of power

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