Monday, November 10, 2008


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Cleaning out my 1000 + emails every once in a while .. I come across one or two that I saved for good reason..

Below I will share one I came across again this evening.. it was so worth saving and sharing here for those target parent's that don't understand the dynamics of alienation or the young adult/now adult.. former alienated children who are so confused or angry...

Take some time to read this .. and make sure you read Chrissy Chrzanowski response.. she's an adult that shares her story of what it was like being an alienated child.. she speaks from the heart and is willing to help anyone that asks..

An excerpt below from Gail a former alienator .. that realized how badly she hurt her family..and is now working on helping others from her experience..

In part she says ..

"So our kids do choose which parent to love and have to do with because of the relentless harmful behaviors of the alienator. They have watched one parent completely cut off the other parent and they are fearful that the same thing will happen to them if they don't follow the alienator's leading.

I know when I alienated at first, I knew what I was doing was wrong to my ex (but didn't see it was harmful to our kids until later)...but then after I continually did it, I no longer felt as bad. When you do something over and over, you become desensitized to that behavior/thought pattern until you seem to have no conscience anymore. That is what happens to our kids when they are alienated. They reach a point when they honestly do not feel any remorse or guilt for treating the targeted parent so badly...they "take on" the personality of the alienator. Targeted kids can be really really cruel and we as targeted parents are puzzled as to how they can do that. It is because of the behaviors they have seen modeled by the alienator and because they have become alienators themselves."

More ...

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My Two cent's -

I wish my children..

S.U., Dawn Uccio, Louie Uccio and Nicky Uccio or someone that loves them dearly.. comes across this page.. and they read it with an open mind.. then they understand that I get it.. and they know that my door is always open..with unconditional love whenever they're ready!

I love and miss my babies desperately.. and pray daily for them to know this deep in thier hearts!

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