Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stop missing out on great stuff.. Come follow me at my new blog address..

Stop missing out on great stuff..

Come follow me on my new blog..

I'm confused, there are now 96 people who I am very thankfull for, who have followed me for years on this blog and only 4 of you moved with me to my new site.
What's really more confusing is the last 3 posts have been telling you guys that I moved all the great links and more.. to a new blog address.. and my following (which I will be forever thankful for) went up by 4 on this page..
This page's links are all but gone.. if you want to keep this page saved for one of the posts, I have here.. save it please!
Yet come follow me on my new page, which is also where I've added a ton of new helpful PAS & adult children of abuse help pages.. and so much more..

I miss you, and don't want you missing out on the new links I've found to help you..come see what's new and improved on my new site!

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