Friday, October 1, 2010

Breaking News- Man shot 3 sons, 2 killed

When I saw thsi on CNN as a blib on the bottom of the screen, I got a knot in my stomach and thought 'OMG I pray this had nothing to do with child custody'- then looked it up.

This is all I can find so far- Man shot 3 sons, 2 killed

However, when I pulled up the title- 'Man Shot 3 sons, 2 killed' I also came up with this story (below)!

I want to know- when the hell are these fucktards gona get it? Unless the laws and the INCENTIVES from the Government (Title IV Federal Funding- to "protect" victims) change insofar as Child Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse go.. these kinds of stories will continue to make head lines!

Wake up people- these incentives and laws DO EFFECT YOU AND YOURS!

Battle over kids ends with their deaths in north Harris Houston & Texas News - Houston Chronicle

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Tom said...

Louise, it's been some time since I viewed your blog (Tom in Littleton, CO). It's clear you have really LOCKED IN on just what these abusers are really all about.

I wanted to share a bit of the "hidden power" your ongoing blog has acquired. I am a software developer and specialize in Google based technology - not the search part but the apps part.

This morning I entered the query "mount sinai symposium" into Google to see who had written or published stuff about the past wkend's PA event in NYC. YOUR BLOG CAME UP AS THE 5th entry on page 1. There were no other references to the specific event on the first search page!!!! That shows how well indexed your blog has become - to rank that high in the search engine when using such a generic phrase!!!!!!

I know it has sucked a lot of your life energy to keep up this effort as you have - it hurts so much to fight for your children and still have them absent - believe me I do know. But I hope this small technical observation and material achievement gives you renewed hope and belief all of what you are trying to share is getting out there to those that will take the time to look.

Remember, in your not advocate effort - Keep the Shiny Side Up!!!! Tom

Zoey said...


Thank you for taking the time to share this observation with me- it means a lot to know that my/our suffering isn't in vain!

I'll never stop, as a matter of fact I'm almost done with a book on this topic!!