Friday, March 30, 2007

Yanno If I took these allegations serious

Yanno If I took these allegations serious ..

I would have slit my wrists years ago..

I'm laughing because this didn't even raise an eyebrow when I saw it, what a shame I'm so use to the games, the "misunderstandings", every time I turn around there's another false allegation, as well as the malicious prosecution,and the negligent misrepresentation from ACS, lets not even get into the Civil rights violations!

I never ends- False allegations, transcripts that happened to be "inaudible" when I said "TEST ME" after I was accused of being a drug addict, a request that was DENIED BTW! (shaking my head)

Imagine this - more "misunderstanding" perhaps, or were my words twisted?

No, how dare that thought come into my head that would never happen in our trustworthy courts- NEVER!

So I guess when I "thought I wrote" that I wanted to appeal the fact that I WAS GETTING- NO VISITATION, I must have made a mistake and wrote that I wanted my EX TO HAVE NO VISITATION-

Ahhhh yes I can see how I must have been misunderstood.

Good thing I have the original paper work from this attempted appeal, this way, one day if anyone questioned me on it, I have PROOF.

I guess it's also a good thing that I have transcripts from the OP hearing, where I told the judge, (after he ordered the OP after hearing my ex try to tell him that I fell backwards through a dinning room table while he was screaming at me and I was backing up away from him) my ex could see the children WHENEVER HE WANTED!

I guess the Judge didn't believe him, and I have to say this judge was awesome- he even gave my ex an opportunity to SHOW him how I ended up needing stiches in my shoulder blade. I guess the truth prevailed in that case, because he flat out told my ex that he DID NOT believe it was an accident!

Nonetheless, It also proves that my ex was being so difficult that nothing the judge or I offered was good enuff, weekdays? weekends? Days? Nights?

Nothing made him happy, so I finally said WHENEVER HE WANTS I DON'T CARE!

Of course these transcripts were before the false allegations by Mr wonderful, and before his moving in with AGGIE PANEPINTO!

OoOoo Did I tell you all what happed the other day? Yeah I get distracted easily!

My old psychiatrist called to see how this case was going, how I was doing and all that other good stuff, and I told her... NOWHERE! "YET"

As all of you probably know, I filed for a divorce in another County, from where this "case" was (if you can call it that) it's been much more like a horror movie.

Anyway here's what she said and I quote- when I told her what I found out, (with the whole ex's live in girlfriend's same last name as the Director of the CYO where my ex referees, who happens to be married to a Supreme Ct Judge.

After her jaw dropped she said - "That's a very suspicious coincidence" -

Now this misunderstanding, yanno good thing I can brush this stuff off, and keep on fighting- or lilke I said, Id'a slit my wrists eyons ago.

Matter of Uccio v Argenziano

BTW I still haven't gotten rid of my stalker, but it's ok I've told my lawyer and taken measures to PROVE I'M BEING STALKED!

I've also taken measures to prove that I've asked nicely for them to unsubscribe from my posts. Yet there they sit and read every word I say, watching, and stalking. I should be use to this, when I was living with him there was nothing sacred- not one ounce of privacy, constant intimidation, and verbal abuse, it should come as no surprise that he would stalk me now that the Divorce is about to begin.

(Shaking my head again)

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