Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome and PAS

Stockholm Syndrome and PAS

I recieved this earlier today from one of my support groups,

With permission from the original author Jeff Parks, it is reprinted here..

Tonight 20/20 had a story on a girl named Jessica who was kidnapped just as she turned 13.

Click here: ABC News

It's only 5:42 of what was probably 12 mins, so I'll fill you in.

The Kidnapper convinced her within a month that her new name was Cindy, and she was in a new family.

She has been criticized for not running away or asking for help, but she says that she couldn't, she was too scared and her dependency on the perp was too powerful...

"People just don't understand she said"..

The "brainwashing" as they called it was so strong that she insisted to the FBI after 3 months that her name was Cindy, forgetting who Jessica was.

The FBI said there are 100 cases annually of stranger abduction with brainwashed identities.

How can we know this and have people question whether PA/PAS exists.

We know kids can easily be threatened and manipulated in replacing their individual and family identity.

Cognitive developmental stage and attachment/separation needs of kids make them especially vulnerable.

So how can we as a culture allow our divorce industry, to normalize the process of marginalizing and replacing a parent?

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