Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To hell in a handbasket

As I sit here reading my google alerts...I shake my head

I get alerts about "Child ANYTHING BUT protective services" -

I'm sorry I mean "child protective services"

Is it me or has anyone else noticed, according to these alerts and CPS statistics, parents have gone wild..

As they would have the general public believe parents have children for one purpose and one purpose only to abuse them!

I don't know about you, but my children (yes the ones that have been alienated from me) range in age from 27 down to 12, and I'll tell you what, I raised my first born with just as many parents in the world as I raised my second child.

Yet it's amazing the amount of parents that appear to have flown off the handle and started suddenly raping, abusing, and not wanting to support their children.

Or could it be that these statistics are inflated, because fit loving warm devoted parents are losing their children for no reason other than they are to poor to fight the system?

It's just as astonishing how it appears that every man just before he began beating raping and not wanting to support his children, he abused his wife/girlfriend to the point she felt in such fear for her life that she needed a restraining order, DV orders that included a sure fire way to keep the husband out of the children's lives!

Now I don't know, call me blonde if you want, but wasn't it around the same time that all those laws were passed to help families in 1996 or those Title lV-D grants, that parents appear to have suddenly gone insane?

Check it out tho, soon after the men appeared to have gone insane guess what?

Some of the women of the world began to follow suit, they began to beat their husbands/boyfriends and then abuse their children. (Or so the Courts records would have you believe!)

So now you have kids growing up with the parent that got to the courts first and filed their restraining orders. How about that- Orders of Protection are not in place to protect any longer- they are now used by abusive litigants in divorce-
Say it ain't so! what a shame!

Bottom line is - Orders of Protection have become the "in thing" millions of wasted tax payers dollars to help fight Domestic Violence and guess what- So many domestic violence survivors like myself and so many others are NOT being helped, and have been turned away by the groups that claim to help DV victims. The groups that are getting funded by the government to help! (See earlier posts for the "why")

Instead abusive litigants are using OP to alienate their children from the other parent because that's the best way for a vindictive spouse to get back at the other parent!

Wake the fluck up America! Cuz next time it may be your child unconstitutionally taken, or it may be your wife/girlfriend husband/boyfriend getting an OP to keep YOU away from your children.

Can't happen to you? Ha I never in my worst nightmares thought I would lose the love of my children, but guess what- with the way things work in the system- IT DID HAPPEN TO ME!

Now don't get me wrong, I know there are sickos out there that do abuse their wives/husbands/children but your average first grader can tell you the numbers are extremely inconsistant with the real abuses out there.


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