Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worthless alienators

Has anyone else noticed that parents that alienate their children from the other parent are less than worthy of the childs love to begin with.

Do you think they know they are the lesser of the two parents?

They wouldnt stand a chance in the courts if they haddent bullied their spouse and manipulated thier children.

Of course they have to use false allegations, they need the help of the courts because they are second rate parents, and usually ignorant, deficient second rate humans and of course the court would find that out without the flase allegations.

In fact they are so unworthy of their children they have no other choice than to brainwash them, other wise the children would know the alilenators are below the non alieanting parent, in fact they aren't even worthy of getting the the basement mouse!

I can see how such a worthless person would have no other choice than to become an alienator.

So sad, but the world will find out just how worthless and pathetic these alienators are and wisk them off into a world of nothiness where they belong!

Of course on the surface they desperately try to fit in with the rest of us, but it's only a farse they are sub human.

Ever notice they aren't loved they only know manipulation and fear?

For if it wasn't for fear they would be exposed - for the below average joe's that they are- for the unloving -selfish- unworthy- sub human creatures they so claim to despise!

In fact they are afraid the rest of the world knows how miniscule they really are-

Good thing they know they are such sub human worthless wastes of life, that keeps them trying to impress everyone and prove they are worthy (hahaha) and it'll keep them busy for a while and out of our hair!

FYI- thank you "bully online" for the thoughts that inspired this blog!

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