Monday, April 14, 2008

Off topic Just for fun

I'm sure most of my everyday readers are victims of Narcissists most if not all parents that get the sh(&&^%y end of the divorce stick are the NON narcissists (if there are two healthy partners this wouldnt apply nor would you be a reader of this blog.)

So with this in mind I found a site on Narcissists and began reading (yes it is a favorite subject of mine- if you know what they're all about you can protect yourself.)


This was to funny NOT to share, except IF YOU ARE A NARCISSIST then oh well, this wasn't put here for you!

Here goes .. I'm going to assume the author is talking about what would be Cruel and Unusual Punishment for a Narcissist...

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Sometimes I think that the worst torture one could devise for these freaks would be to lock them in a room all alone for about three days. After about an hour, they would probably have their socks on their hands like puppets, just to have someone to lie to.

Here is the original link-

What Makes Narcissists Tick

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