Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes INSIDE the Texas Ranch

Theres been a LOT of talk about the children taken from the ranch in Texas.

This morning I received these two views.. The first is from ..Johanna Wright from Hope4Kidz..

When all the mental masturbation ends, learn for yourselves what is really going on in this compound.

The members call it a compound.

Read.. to learn from a member who has assisted in rescuing over 80 families.
Learn about the Lost Boys.

I only hope that Flora Jessop has some say in what is going on here in Texas as she is the only person who truly knows how to help these people.

Joanna Wright

This the second was from ... (Shrug- I forgot where I got this one from ehh old age- If I remember I'll give credit where credit is due!)

Prophet's Nephew Alleges Sexual Abuse

The Eldorado Success

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