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Why is DCF Driving Parents and Children Underground for Health Care?

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March 2, 2008

DCF's definitions of abuse or neglect is based on junk science or no science at all.

Staff Writers
Connecticut DCF Watch

Hartford, CT - There is an on going trend in Connecticut and across this nation of parents and children not looking for medical help at the Emergency Room, the family doctor, the pediatrician or therapist or in other words, Rent-A-Friend.

Agencies like DCF are punishing parents for everyday normal occurrences that is just part of being human. Like a child being bit by a bird as part of the normal things that may happen when handling birds like parrots. Or a child getting hit by a bat while playing baseball.

The other part of the growing problem is that nurses, doctors and other mandated reporters are calling in false claims of abuse to DCF not because they feel abuse or neglect took place, they are worried about their license being revoked for failing to report anything.

Parents understand it is very dangerous to go to the ER or doctor feeling their a phone call away for benign injuries that occur. How about when a child breaks a leg skiing or falls off a horse or falls off a bike. Parents are afraid of being reported so they will not seek help in everyday injuries. And when parents tell the attending doctor what happens, they are presumed guilty.

We at Connecticut DCF Watch and attorneys are telling parents across the county to be careful not to go to the ERs and doctors to avoid fabricated claims of abuse or neglect. Case in point, if you are mother and a victim of domestic violence ("DV") be prepared to be victimized by the doctors a second time and victimized again by DCF a third time.

By going to the ER, Mothers need to know DCF will unlawfully abduct your children even though the highest court in the country has already ruled that DV is not emotional neglect or maltreatment of a child. Then they will sell them on the open market called foster care. So, if you do not want your children in a deadly foster care system, do not go to the ER or therapist or counseling. Seek help from family only. NEVER EVER go to purposefully to get help, they will take your child and blame you for the father's behavior.

DCF's policies here in Connecticut and the workers will tell you that domestic violence was allowed to happen by the victim and that the victim failed to stop the violence. DCF has been proven wrong by the US Appellate Court for the 2nd Circuit that witnessing DV is NOT emotional neglect or maltreatment of a child. The experts in this class-action suit overruled DCF and all of its workers by saying "Emotional Neglect" is neither medical or legal fact but a fabrication by DCF and its workers. DCF can not charge either parent any more with emotional neglect because its NOT true and they will loose at the high court.

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P.S. Check out our web site for the FREE handbook on parental rights. There is also a manual on "reasonable efforts" with sections for Attorneys, Judges and Agencies


Anonymous said...

I do agree that DCF blames the mother when she is abused. I have a friend who told her counselor that her husband hit her. The counselor called DCF and she was forced to take parenting classes. He didn't have to do anything. I still don't understand how parenting classes help abused women. Or women filling for divorce like myself. Now, I have to take parenting classes or stay married and shut up. My friend had to take a parenting class and attend a group and get weekly counseling to get custody of her daughter.

Louise Uccio said...

The answer is simple.. follow the money!

Title IV Federal funding is money given by the Feds to the States to "protect" our children.. sadly it's being used and abused.. and children that DO NOT need "saving" or parents that DO NOT need parenting classes are now FORCED to become money machines to the states.

Miranda Cooper said...

Hi my name is Miranda. I live in Massachusetts. My child was sexual abused i reported like i was suppose to.i had a social worker that was biased to me and my family.that report got swept under the rug and she took my children she lied under oath.ive given clean drug test for over 2 years please help me i have trial in sep i have 3 buetiful children also the foster mother keeps making false allegations i prove her wrong and they beleive her my email is im desperate i wrote to the govern there also trying to give guardianship to the foster parent of my 5email year old please help thank you for reading this

Miranda Cooper said...

I have 3 buetiful children my 5year old reported that my cousin sexually touched her so i reported it when she tol me i had a worker that was biased to me and my family she lied under oath my lawyer caught her lieing in fron of the judge they had no evidense against me but the judge agreed with dcf like she always does ive done everything theyve asked me to do i ve give them clean urine screens for over 2 years please help me i have trial in september also my sister has placement she s made false allogations against me i ve proven her wrong and they still beleive her im desperate my kids are at stake the sexual abuse thing got swept under the rug also there trying to give the foster parent guardianship saying shes confused of my 5 year old please contact me at i dont know what else to do

Miranda Cooper said...

Yes they got greedy