Thursday, March 27, 2008

Psychiatrists Are Considering a New Mental Disorder- Excessive E-mailing and Texting!

The media is now running a story.
See here:,2933,341434,00.html saying psychiatrists are considering a new mental disorder!

Excessive e-mailing and texting! Sign the Brand New Petition - -
To: The American Psychiatric Association and Psych Drug Manufacturers:

Texting is not a Mental "Disorder".
Take Your Mental Disorders and Your Psych Drugs and Your Unscientific Diagnostic & Statistical Manual and Shove Them!

1 comment:

Mister-M said...

Hey, they gotta keep new and fresh and expensive business coming in.

Pretty soon, everything we do will be labeled a disorder and the lawyers, judges, psychologists and psychiatrists of the world will have a level of job security that many of us can only dream of!