Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dr Phil shows on Divorce and Parental Alienation

Dr. Phil is doing two shows on divorce and children.

The first is "Parent's divorce ruining your life?"

Are you an adult child of divorcing parents, and you're sick of being caught in the middle? Are you shocked at the immaturity you're seeing from your parents? Are you in your 20's or 30's, and don't feel like you should have to choose sides between your mom and dad?

The second is custody war: Parental Alienation.

Are you at war with your spouse...and you feel he/ she is alienating you from your child? Do you believe your child is suffering from parental alienation syndrome? Do you suspect your ex-spouse is poisoning your child's mind by telling him/her terrible things about you? If you feel your spouse is using your child as a weapon against us your story.

You must be willing to appear on the show.

The letter I sent in...

Dear Dr. Phil,

I was just offered a position on the board of PAAO.US (Parent Alienation Awareness Org. US.)

I declined because I am on over load with the Civil Rights end of the argument. However, I am still on the panel of New Yorkers trying to get our Governor to proclaim April 25th as Parent Alienation Awareness day.

I speak from experience on being an alienated parent as well as fully understanding the who, what, when, and why of the subject.

Parent Alienation and Parent Alienation Syndrome are very controversial subjects that were once believed to be gender specific. We must educate the public these are serious issues of child abuse and are personality disorder specific not gender specific.

My abusive husband used child protective services as a tool to obtain custody then alienated the children, keeping me away for the last six years.

Please allow me on your show so that we can stop the gender war on this topic and educate the public to this horrendous form of child abuse.

I speak from both sides of the fence and I think that's an important point of view, since most women in the D.V. world are fighting parent alienation (syndrome) tooth and nail, claiming it's used by abusive men to take custody away from protective woman. There are many D.V. survivors that have been alienated and are willing to tell their stories.

This side of the story needs to be openly debated and there needs to be a common ground found.

Thank you,

Louise Uccio

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Mister-M said...

Not sure you were able to go on, but if not, you were spared the usual and customary approach to such issues as they are often portrayed on the Dr. Phil Show.