Friday, March 21, 2008

How Michigan's big system failed a little boy

Please read the dates mentioned below in RED -VERY CAREFULLY, Ignore what they want you to read and read what you see!

Then understand that it was 1996 when the Adoption Safe Families Act came about- GIVING INCENTIVES TO THE STATES FOR EACH CHILD THEY ADOPTED OUT!

Hello??? I hope those of you that understand busniess get it- give us money for each child that we adopt out? Grab any and every warm body you can find and adopt them out!

Overhaul may be only hope

The beating death of 2-year-old Isaac Lethbridge in foster care exposes a stubbornly persistent pattern of failures in Michigan’s child welfare system, despite several attempts at reform. The overburdened system has seen the number of children in foster care rise steadily since the mid-1990s even as the state resources to handle them shrank. Isaac was the third young child to die under the state’s watch in the last 18 months.

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How Michigan's big system failed a little boy Detroit Free Press

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