Monday, February 11, 2008

Man gets 30 years for shaking child

Story after story...

What will it take before they are dismantled?

Many parents are being labeled "unfit" by what I and many others feel are CPS workers forced to up the numbers of abusive parents, causing unabused children into a broken and abusive system to bring in more and more federal dollars to the states...

These children are DYING what is is going to take? When will this abuse of power stop? When will it be safe again to have children, without fear of CPS taking them away to possibly end up like the numerous children dead at the hands of foster care parents?

Or raped and abused by CPS workers....


A Child Protective Services foster parent received a 30-year sentence in 19th State District Court this morning after pleading guilty to shaking a 2-year-old.

Matthew Lewis Anderson, 51, of Waco was sentenced by Judge Ralph Strother after Anderson pleaded guilty to first-degree felony injury to a child, with serious bodily injury.

The girl, now 3 years old, was removed from her parents in Bosque County by CPS workers. The incident with Anderson occurred April 2, 2007.

Anderson’s attorney, Rob Swanton, said his client is devastated by what happened and is “very remorseful.”

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