Monday, February 11, 2008

Injured child’s aunt speaks out

By: Giselle Phelps

MADISON COUNTY, N.Y. -- This is the little boy who is clinging to life at University Hospital. His mother's boyfriend, Jesse Snow, 23, is charged with reckless assault on a child.

Police say Snow slammed Aadon's head on a concrete floor Wednesday, causing hemorrhage and skull fracture. Aadon's aunt says the abuse is nothing new.

"This obviously wasn't the first time he put his hands on him and he's sick," said Regina Ducey.

Ducey says she has witnessed the abuse herself. She recalls a time when Snow got mad at Aadon for drawing on the porch with a crayon.

“Jesse smacked him upside the head and yelled at him for it," said Ducey.

Ducey says Snow has a history of domestic violence and she's called authorities on her sister's behalf.

"Well I think the first time I called the cops was when she called me screaming on the phone and he was beating on her," said Ducey.

Ducey says she went on to call police three or four more times. She says she was scared for the kids and wishes Child Protective Services was called in to help.

"I called the cops a few times and nothing was every really done about it. I just think if somebody would have listened, this would have never happened," Ducey said.

But right now Ducey's thoughts are with her nephew. She says she has hope that he'll survive because he's strong.

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