Monday, February 11, 2008

Amber Vanessa and Marvin James

Todays blog is NOT keeping up with my normal blogging style.

Todays blog has been made nessassary due to Marvin and Vanessa James relentnessly trying to discredit my hard decicated work for children and families wrongly abused by the system.

I refuse to defend myself or others they have recenlty attacked due to thier paranoia, however for those that do not already know me or others they have attempted to bad mouth, or my [or thier other victims] situation I say look at my [their] work product (this blog+ my position as a board of directors with - United Civil Rights Councils of America (board)

Speak to others IN this fight who have worked with me or received help from me- then ask around- you will find out that my work with men women and children speaks for itself.

Then ask either Vanessa or Marvin James who they have helped and the truth shall be known.

I tried to ignore the accusations they are making, however they have taken it too far and they are now becoming poison in the fruit bowl of those of us that are dedicated to others NOT ONLY OURSELVES.

Bottom line, here is something I live by,

Believe NONE of what you HEAR and only..

HALF of what you SEE.

Believe in YOURSELF and in YOUR opinions, not in what others tell you about someone or some situation.


P.S. I DID tell Vanessa that I feel she NEEDS psychiatric help before she attempts to get her child back.

I'm only sorry that she isn't able to see constructive criticism and good solid advice as helpful and act on it.

I'm also sorry it appears she has decided to keep her position on the victim triangle and wear it like a badge. (Shrug) I give up.


Anonymous said...

Louise this is Vanessa my family as never said anything negative about you or anyone that has supported us. We have done nothing but praise your work, why would you put things on your blog about us that's not true. Amber is home and we wanted her to read all the articles of the people that supported us, when she got to your blog she was shock to see you bad mouthing us. We are the ones that spoke about your blog to all the papers over the years and gave you praises for your work. We have also praise Karlene. Why have you slander our names. Have you forgotten you have been abuse the same way by this very system. Amber wanted to write a thank you to all the people that fought for her return. But she's shock to see this.By the way Louise the courts saw the mistakes they made with my case and sent Amber home. Louise I wise you well.

Anonymous said...

Louise I've gotten my child back with out any type of treatment. Why would wrongfully accuse me on your blog of things that are not true, when you are also a victim of the family court system. they said you are also paranoid and took your children away wrongfully too. We support your blog in the media, at rallies and in news papers why would you slander our names, we never once said anything bad about you. Louise you are now working with the same system that tried to destroy both our families. I wish you all the best.