Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Agency accused of abusing authority


I'm so happy this woman is getting her day in court!!!!

Any parent [my estranged husband included] that uses thier "new politically connected/influential lover" to "legally kidnap" their child should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!!

Just like Joetta Street [The mother in the story below, who lost her children due to her husbands connections] I have also lost any contact with my children since a flase "indicated" ACS case against me, due to apparent political connections my estranged abusive husband made for himself....

Estranged Husband Lives with an alleged child pornographer Aggie Panepinto

Estranged husband has worked for Catholic Charities CYO for the last 20ish years.

Joseph Panepinto Is married to Judge Barbara Panepinto

Jospeh Panepinto is now the Excutive Director of Catholic Charities,
he was the Director of CYO for many years.

ACS - is in a financial partnership with Catholic Charities to "protect" our children, just so happens ACS falsely "indicated" a case against me in 2001
DESPITE DOCUMENTED proof to the contrary.
Well, just like Joetta Street via my civil rights attorney this case will be heard in civil court.
We have sued the City and ACS for Malicious Prosecution and Neglegent Misrepresentation, once I found out about the false indicated case and had it over turned with the original documents they chose to ignore proving I was innocent from the start.
Political connections or a lot of coincidences, you decide...
I wish Joetta Street and her daughter all the best ..
I wish her manipulative evil husband and his evil accomplce jail time.

Custody Case Going To Trial

An ugly Butler County custody case is firing up in a Warren County courtroom. The next step could have taxpayers fired up. The case centers around whether an administrator from Butler County Children's Services used her position and power to take her husband's daughter away from the biological mother.

Local 12's Rich Jaffe says, after 2 years of battling, a solution is just more than one month away.

Joetta Street sat nervously outside a Warren County Juvenile Courtroom as attorneys talked with Judge Mike Powell about how her case will progress.

Joetta Street, Mother: "I'd like to tell my child I love her and she will be coming home..."

At issue is whether Street's ex-husband's new wife, Michelle Money Richardson, a supervisor with Butler County Children's Services, manipulated an investigation that resulted in Street losing custody of her daughter, Desirae, two years ago. While the husband's attorney had nothing to say today, last year she called a news conference to let Michelle Money respond to an ombudsmans report that found she and her supervisors conspired to take the child away from Street.

Mike Fox, December 28: "In my career I have never seen anything so that I can recall that is so injust... Unjust as this."

Last month, the new head of Children's Services spoke out about the abuse of power.

"Whether the child should be with the mother or the father, I don't know, but I do know this, there was no basis to remove the child from Joetta Street."

Rich Jaffe: "This case is not going to end here in Warren County. Joetta Street's attorney says the citizens and taxpayers of Butler County could end up paying the price for what Children's Services workers allegedly did wrong."

Chris Finney, Attorney: "Part of what we're looking for is procedural reforms to make sure this doesn't ever happen to a mother again, but sure, part of the way you get the county to pay attention to what they've done is to civilly address the issue."

Rich Jaffe, Local 12.

A decision on the custody issue is expected after a hearing in March. The case ended up in Warren County after months of investigation and hearings in Butler County, when officials there decided there could be a conflict of interest.

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Agency accused of abusing authorityhttp://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?


Butler Co. supervisor to resign next month


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tim said...

we have been abused by butler county since dec. 4th of last year. they have done nothing but threaten my wife and try to force her lie in court just to get to me. they have tried everything in their powers to convince my wife to go against me. the corruption goes all the way to the proscuters office which are the main ones trying to get my wife to lie. SAY IT ISNT SO. butler county bullying people.