Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We The People have NO CONFIDENCE in our Judiciary!

These are not simply cases of litagents being unhappy with unfavorably decisions of the Court, it is the court, its judges and attorneys suspending the United States Constitution & its Bill of Rights. Suspending the Rules of Law entirely. It is our own Congress passing bad legislation which become Laws, some even Unconstitutional that directly aid in the Rape of the American Family. Why? As Always profit, power and Control. Perhaps our current president has expressed this most clearly in his public statements of "A New World Order"

"Power is the great evil with which we are contending. We have divided power between three branches of government and erected checks and balances to prevent abuse of power. However, where is the check on the power of the judiciary? If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny." - Patrick Henry

Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its ownExistence" -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice; Tom C. Clark Mapp vs. Ohio

Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger speaking to the American College of Trial Lawyers that, "... ours is a sick profession marked by incompetence, lack of training, misconduct and bad manners. Ineptness, bungling, malpractice, and bad ethics can be observed in court houses all over this country every day ... these incompetents have a seeming unawareness of the fundamental ethics of the profession. ... the harsh truth is that ... we may well be on our way to a society, overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts, and brigades of judges in numbers never before contemplated." -- Chief Justice of the United States Warren Burger quoted in Time,27 June 1977

American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School By Geraldine Hawkins March 7, 2003 The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition, Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School on February 28. She said that the question of what is morally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient. The change has come because legal philosophy has descended to nihilism. Judge Edith H. Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit talks to members of Harvard Law School's Fed-eralist Society. Jones said that the question of what is mor-ally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient. "The integrity of law, its religious roots, its transcendent quality are disappearing. I saw the movie 'Chicago' with Richard Gere the other day. That's the way the public thinks about lawyers," she told the students. "The first 100 years of American lawyers were trained on Blackstone, who wrote that: 'The law of nature . dictated by God himself . is binding . in all counties and at all times; no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all force and all their authority .............IN PART


Associated Press Writer

June 24, 2003, 5:10 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- A federal judge said Tuesday he is quitting what he called an unjust criminal justice system, fed up with Congress' quest to boost prison sentences and prevent judges from deciding how long someone is

"Congress is mandating things simply because they want to show how tough they are on crime with no sense of whether this makes sense or is meaningful," Judge John S. Martin said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Chicago-Based IFCAA Announces National Call to Action for Prosecution of Judicial Corruption by US Attorneys and State Prosecutors
March 26, 2007-- Chicago – In the wake of the national exposure of apparent misconduct in the US Attorney's Office in Washington, D.C., Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) announces a national CALL TO ACTION for prosecution of judicial corruption by state and federal criminal prosecutors.

IFCAA calls for the nation to back the Congress and Senate to expose why the Executive and Judicial branches of government have not only turned a deaf ear to the lawful cries for help from the nation's victims of judicial corruption, but why they have allowed billions of dollars of taxpayers' funds to be extorted for personal financial gain in an estimated 12 billion dollar child trafficking industry in our family courts and child protective services agencies which crosses state lines, thereby engaging federal jurisdiction.


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