Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Wish For Hillary

Here is a chance to Let Bill and Hillary know what we think of her It Takes A Village Theory...

Dear american, In 36 years, Hillary and I have shared a lot of birthdays, and each year I'm amazed at everything she has accomplished. This is a very special year: we're celebrating Hillary's 60th, and I hope you'll join me in sending her a birthday message, sharing your wishes for her and your hopes for the coming year.

I'll make sure to share your message with Hillary. And please encourage your friends and family to send their messages as well. You can see my birthday message to Hillary and add your own here: I know how happy Hillary will be to hear from you on her birthday. Thank you for helping me to make her day special. Sincerely,

Sincerely, Bill Clinton


Thought you would appreciate this womans wish..

Hillary, I do not wish for you a happy birthday, instead, what I wish for you is the capacity to stop, sit down, for a time and THINK ABOUT what you have contributed to the life of American Familiels. Your promotion of "It takes a village to raise a child" is the MOST ANTI-FAMILY statement a person could ever make. This is obviously how you "think" and feel, so with that, may your birthdays NEVER be filled with the presence of a grandchild and may your daughter NEVER know the joy of motherhood. You see, what you have done and are doing is supporting FAMILY DESTRUCTION by Child Protective Services and the Family Courts. There's HUGE PILES of $$$$$$$$$ for doing that. The Federal Adoption Bonus Incentives PLUS all the other federal funding they "gravy boat" in for DESTROYING the Family and TAKING into custody the children from their families even WHEN there is NO ABUSE nor NEGLECT in the home. CPS and the Family Courts ARE operating ILLEGALLY. I personally HAVE PROOF of it~!!! Would YOU like to see the documents and records of that??? I will gladly show them to you~!!! CPS is committing Medicaid FRAUD and I have ADMISSION on tape recording by CPS supervisor and caseworker. I turned it in. NO-one from State office cares as that means $$$$$$$ in the state operating funds. Where do you stand in this CORRUPTION??? SHOW ME. So for this Birthday Wish -- I WISH for you some Solitude time to THINK ABOUT what you are promoting and supporting for American Families, and yet, you want to be a President???? FOR WHOM??? It certainly wouldn't be the American FAMILY as they are all being DESTROYED.

Shall we say --- NO CLINTON GRANDCHILDREN???? How about it Hillary??? Maybe we could have CPS "TAKE" your grandchildren "just because they CAN" and then "fabricate a case based on Bill's infidelity" against your family saying your daughter has been influenced by him negatively, terminate your daughter's rights to the children, and then SELL YOUR grandchildren into their arranged adoptions for the Federal Bonuses they can get for doing it, AFTER the children have spent 15 months in glorius abusive foster care where you are NOT allowed to see them = legalized black market child trafficing BY our government~!!!.

What are you willing to do to STOP the destruction of the SPINE of this country which IS the American Family?????????

(I seriously DOUBT you will get this card, but I can hope that you will and that you will stop and think about what you are doing.)

Gail Head
Paradise, TX

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