Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Custody Battles A Special Kind Of HELL!

I found this amazing article this morning on custody battles..

I was not able to copy and paste [probably for reasons of "stealing" the work of the author].

I have no desire to claim anyones work as mine, proven by always adding the original link to my blogs, however this time I was not able to copy the article here.


The original article can be found at the link below..

A few excerpts from the original blog are ..


The author also states..

"In a situation like divorce, you have to chose to take the high road 100% of the time. If both parents did that, things would be simple and easy. But there is often one party that refuses to behave in an acceptable manner. Sometimes one party believes their needs trump everyone else's needs. To these people I say - karma is going to get you eventually. Trust me on that. I've seen it happen".

This person's blog is a must it is again..

A few thoughts of my own,

I pray my children see more and more of these articles, and figure out for themselves that they are being abused by the parent that is claiming to be "protecting them".

Once they figure it out I also pray- they come back into my life-

They need to know-

(1) I understand why they acted like they did to me.

[They had no choice]

(2) I am not angry for the things they have said or done to me.

[They had no choice]

(3) Everything that was done is already forgiven, I do love them unconditionally, and always will.

[They had no choice]

(4) There is always a place for them in my/our home and in my/our heart, and when they figure this out and want to get away from the emotional abuse they are living in, all they have to do is say so!

Allan and I are mature adults, we both understand the whys of what I have lived through for the last six years, and we both agree, when they are ready THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN!

My only goal in life is to have all of my babies- all five of them-at the Christmass dinner table with me before I die.

I wish they could all be at the dinner table every night with me, but that's not doable, two of them are living on their own already, and one has a wife that I adore- the other has a live in girlfriend that I would love to meet!

The offer is out there, anyone reading this that knows my children, please pass this on to them.

I do understand [THEY HAD NO CHOICE] !!


Snoskred said...


I don't know why you couldn't copy and paste it but it is generally better netiquette to quote and link. ;)

My name is Snoskred, and I have Google Alerts set up for that so I'm sorry you didn't hear from me sooner. ;) Thanks for saying that about my article! ;) We have been through hell with the custody thing and don't usually talk about it too much.

I'm sorry to read of your situation however it is all too common these days. Usually it happens to fathers. Your situation is a little bit unique in that respect. No parent should be able to alienate their kids from the other parent, regardless.

I don't know if you have found any already but there are support groups out there on the net, I found one or two very useful. :)

I hope you do get to have your kids at the table together soon.


Louise said...


Thank you for your kind words.

I have found a few great Parent Alienation Yahoo Groups out there and it's good to know I'm not alone as sad as that sounds.

As for etiquette, I do know it's better to quote and leave a link, I think subconsciously I pray that my children have already found and read my blogs.

Knowing my estranged husband as well as I do, I also know that anyone in his life is watched over like a hawk [there is no privacy] and if in fact they try to read my blogs, I think I try to make it easier to read them by saving time having to link to another blog.

However knowing I need to show respect for the author, I always link the actual original link.

Hope this made sense.

Thanks again for your comment.