Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Did a custody battle turn deadly?

Murdered Queens orthodontist buried

The Queens orthodontist gunned down in a playground as he was handing his daughter off to his estranged wife was buried yesterday amid accusations by his family that he was executed as payback for winning custody of the 5-year-old girl.

Police sources said detectives are focusing on accusations by Daniel Malakov's family that his in-laws had promised retribution for the recent court victory in which Malakov won custody of his daughter, Michelleka, from his wife, Dr. Mazoltuv Boruknova.

The accusations continued yesterday after Malakov's funeral, with his relatives and friends saying they had reason to believe Malakov, 34, was in danger. Malakov himself had told one friend, Dany Ezhkov, that Boruknova had promised him "he was not going to last long."

Boruknova, who specializes in internal medicine at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, was grilled by detectives Sunday and has denied involvement. Police sources said detectives have not ruled her out as a suspect, but note that she tried to save Malakov by performing CPR.

The sources also noted that the shooting happened with Michelleka present, a trauma even the angriest spouse would not want to subject a child to. Her lawyer, Stephen Scaring of Garden City said he hopes detectives are looking for the real killer.

The shooting was just before 11 a.m. Sunday at the Annadale Playground near PS 175 in Forest Hills. Malakov, who is from Uzbekistan, and his wife had agreed to meet there so he could give her their daughter, Michelleka.

But before the exchange could take place, police said, a gunman walked up to Malakov at the entrance at 64th Road near Yellowstone Boulevard and fired two bullets into his chest at point blank range. Malka Malakov, the victim's mother, who lives nearby, raced to the scene in tears after learning of this while Boruknova tried in vain to save him and the child appeared stunned, witnesses told police.

Last night, police released a photograph of a crudely made silencer investigators found at the scene, which they believe was used to muffle the gunshots.

After yesterday's funeral in Rego Park, Malka Malakov suggested she had been fearful something might happen to her son. "Why are you going alone?" she remembers asking just before he left her home to meet Boruknova. "Why don't you take someone with you?"

But whatever concerns he may have had after winning custody of his daughter on Oct. 3. appeared to have dissipated. "Don't worry, mom," she said he told her. "She's talking nice. My wife is a good woman.

"Malakov, who shared a Forest Hills dental practice with a cousin, had with Boruknova since May 2005. Florence Fass, the lawyer who represented Boruknova, said the decision to place Michelleka with her father was traumatic for the girl and her mother, and when the mother's appeal was denied, "the child didn't want to leave the mother to go the father."

Marlene Peralta contributed to this story.

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Todd Schuster
New York, NY

So sad. A bright young man from Uzbekistan comes to America to live his dream, get an Ivy League education & become a dentist. Now he's gone forever no thanks to a maggot with no feelings or a care in the world whatsoever. Not only did the mother lose her son, the daughter lost a father, the wife lost a soulmate etc. In addition the mother lost her daughter to leukemia last year. Burying one child is bad enough but to lose a second one & a violent death to boot is unfathomable. My condolences to Daniel Malakov's family. may God give you te strength to carry on. I don't know how the hell you're going to carry on after losing a 2nd child, but you're in my prayers nonetheless.

Brooklyn, NY

His ex-wife definely did this the evidence is there. its really sad what they did to him. A dentist who worked all his life to provide the best for everyone around him gets his life cut short because of one crazy psycho bitch. she deserves to rot in hell for ordering the killing and hope that she shares the same fate. She does not deserve the child!!!!

Monsey, NY

I am sorry that this has happened. He was a wonderful man and comes from a wonderful,kind and very educated family. We cannot blame anyone until we know all the facts. May justice be served and may g-d heal the hearts of their loved ones.

United States

So sad and i knew him cuz he waz ma orthodontist. I will truely miss him.

Louise Uccio
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I have been in a nightmare of a custody battle with strong hints of political connections, and total parental alienation. I also believe this had something to do with the custody battle. What happens behind those court room doors is a disgrace. Both parents NEED to have equal access to their children so that neither feels they need to do something like this, or any of the other nightmare killings I have read about due to custody battles. I pray for this man's family, this is a true disgrace. However I'm not at all surprised once labeled "non custodial" anyone that has gone thru the courts knows what that means. Perhaps as more details come out of this case the public will demand immediate court reform.


Anonymous said...

Louise, no court reform in that case was needed. The mother simply refused to let the father have visitation, blamed the father with sex-abuse charges, refused to abide by court orders. That's when she lost custody. Be sure if a father would have done the things she has done, he would have been put into jail. Ok, so calm down.

Louise said...

We are all entitled to our opinion, I feel if the parents knew they would have equal access to their children, the false accusations would stop, as would the trapped feeling one obviously would have to be feeling if one were to kill the other parent.

So I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one, but life goes on, even tho we disagree. It's all good.