Thursday, April 26, 2007

When will they get it?

Police lead the distraught teenage girl away in handcuffs after she threatened her mother with a shotgun at the Stapleton Houses.

Help them see what they are doing PLEASE!

I'm not very religious, but I believe there is a God..

I don't blame, or look down on you if you disagree..

I don't care if it's a couch or a pet rock that you pray to..

But people get on your hands and knees and pray to something..

That those who have the power to change the devestating damage that has been and contuines to be done to our children STOPS!

Pray for the pharmacutical Co's to find other ways to make money..

Pray that "The System" finds another way to make money..

Pray for the bodys minds and soul's of our children to be left alone!

Pray that our children are no longer "used" by the self serving psychopath adults that are only worried about where the almighty next miserable dollar is comming from!

Pray for what children had back in the 50's, happiness, health, DRUG FREE minds and both parents!

Stop the drugging of our children, havent they figured out they are creating MONSTERS?

These innocent children are killing, mamiming, and destroying lives in their path.

These children have no concept of right or wrong..

GET ACS aka CPS out of parents lives, and let us TEACH our children right from wrong, stop the systematic drugging of america theyre a bunch of zombies out there and no one gives a shit that children are murdering at alarming rates!

I'll bet once these zombies (Our Children) that the system created start turning on those that forced them into a comatosed childhood things will change!

It's comming- It's inevitable -Be afraid - Very afraid- I am!

Not even a month after the VA masacare -

(Story 1 today)
Daughter Turns Gun On Mom-
Original Story in the Staten Island Advance

When the tension between mom and daughter boils over, the 15-year-old girl grabs a shotgun and aims it at her mom. Yolanda Harris of Stapleton frantically calls the police at about 11 p.m. as the daughter, identified only as Dominique, runs off with a male accomplice. They ditch the gun before the police arrive. It is unclear whether the weapon was loaded. The gun is recovered, the girl is in custody. As she's led away she cries out to her mother" "You don't even like me, mom! You hate me!"-Story by Doug Auer

(Story 2 Today)
'He won't survive'

Dad loses hope for 11-year-old stabbed in head with stick - playmate charged

An 11-year-old boy lay near death after a classmate allegedly drove a wooden stick into his brain during a Brooklyn fight over pocket change, police sources said.

Doctors said it would take a miracle for Stevenson Celius to overcome his injuries, and his dad has begun to give up hope.

"He won't survive," said Antoine Celius, 34, from his son's bedside yesterday at Kings County Hospital.

"For me, there is no miracle."

Celius was in Haiti for a relative's funeral last Thursday when his son was attacked near their home in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. "It was just me and him for five years," the father said of the paralyzed fifth-grader. "He's my son and my friend, too."

The boy's mother still lives in the island country.

The 11-year-old suspect has been charged in Family Court with first-degree assault, a felony. The Brooklyn boy has been ordered held at a juvenile detention center pending a hearing scheduled for today.

"Most people thought they were friends," a police source said when asked about the nature of the boys' relationship. "But our suspect has a temper and just snapped."

Cops fingered the 11-year-old as a suspect after he was captured on an NYPD surveillance camera - there are about 250 citywide - swinging a 2-foot stick and chasing Stevenson on Fenimore St.

The actual stabbing about 7:40 p.m. on Thursday was not caught on tape.

The suspect, about 4-feet-7 and 75 pounds, initially denied being with Stevenson on the day of the stick attack. But he changed his tune after cops showed him the tape. "I hit him with a stick," the boy said, according to one of the police sources. "But we shook hands and made up."

The stick, described by sources as a sharpened piece of wooden molding, went about 2 inches into the left side of Stevenson's head, severing his brain stem.

He was found unconscious in the lobby of his building on Fenimore St.

Relatives said Stevenson had just bought potato chips at a store when the suspect asked him for his change.

Stevenson refused, setting off the chase.

The suspect's mother told police her son was remorseful, and she asked case detectives if she could visit the injured boy.

"I told them to tell her not to come," Stevenson's dad said. "It's not appropriate right now."


JQ75 said...

That's quite a long list, although anyone would be hard pressed to trim it.

It does very much seem a generational thing, the 50's vs the "me" generation, although I think their are many people in the newer generation that did learn from the previous generation that there are other people on this planet, the difference between right and wrong, and some sort of belief in a higher power than their almighty selves or the government. It's just that they are in the minority now.

The secularization of this country, beating down basic morals helps fuel this right/wrong uncertainty that seems to be plaguing us.

It seems the pendulum has swung to an extreme. One doesn't have to be a religious zealot, but some common sense, common decency and fair treatment of your fellow human beings is certainly in order, and apparently not to common anymore.

Louise said...


Once again I agree with your thoughts.

I can say this with certainty..

I personally will not rest until I see a significant change in society as far as the value of our children, our families and the future generations!