Friday, April 27, 2007

My thoughts on "The View" this morning with Alec Baldwin,

I'm not sure exactly why but I was unhappy with the way that interview went.

I have a gut feeling Alec was more interested in making this a gender issue than explaining what PA or PAS was.

I feel he left the door wide open for those in power to continue to sit on the fence with this, believing it's a mans problem after divorce.

Which it is NOT, it is a control problem and both sexes are open to being alienated.

I'm NOT surprised tho, when his publisher was looking for target parents to do interviews with I was turned away, and I've heard more than one rumor he only interview men for his book.

I'm not bitter so save it, I'm very concerned for our children, and don't want this issue lingering on forever while the powers that be say "Oh it's (Parent Alienation) a war of the genders - dont go near it"

Oh well, we all know how I feel about this, when and if "WE" defuse the SOS and focus on the real problem, (The system as it is) "THEY" will no longer be able to separate us and blow smoke screens up our *^%* pitting us against each other.
Here is the one good point that was made, lets hope this is what the public hears and demands change NOW!

Alec Baldwin Divorce Shows Weakness of Legal System -

Legal system fails families at time of great need.Divorce specialist attorney Ed Sherman has seen cases like the highly acrimonious Alec Baldwin-Kim Basinger custody battle many times over in his long career and observes.

Click the link above to see full story.

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