Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My thoughts on Baldwin v Basinger

I was going to keep my opinions on the Alec Baldwin / Kim basinger issue to myself until I read this ..

Basinger Hires Security for Daughter
Published: April 24, 2007

Basinger Hires Security for Daughter - New York Times

Do these pictures look like Alec Baldwin thinks his daughter is a pig?

If you have followed this blog you will know I have been completely alienated from my children by an abusive estranged husband, two of my children have aged out of the system while I desperately fight for our rights.

It also appears my estranged husband may have had help from within the system to LEGALLY keep me from my children for the last SIX YEARS, with false accusations as well as a negligent/Malicious “Indicated” ACS case.

I have missed numerous monumental occasions in their lives that can NEVER be replaced.
I feel target parents have every right to be outraged, furious, and disgusted, with the situation we are forced to deal with, but we MUST control those feelings.

However, although I understand Alec Baldwin’s frustration, I do NOT condone what he did. He needs to understand what Parent Alienation really results in
(A brainwashed child, similar to Stockholm syndrome, they align themselves with the alienator)

Although his anger and frustration are justified, since it appears almost impossible to get the system to intervene before it’s too late.
(Before the children are aligned with the aggressive parent)

No parent should treat their child the way Alec Baldwin did, NO MATTER HOW FRUSTRATED they are! We must dig deep within our selves and find the strength to rise above the abusive parents tactics.

On the other hand, I feel Kim Basinger is the one abusing their daughter and making a mockery of the system. She is the one keeping her daughter from the other parent, and there is no other word for that BUT ABUSIVE!

Hasn't Kim figured out that all these shenanigans will come back to bite her on the *&% one day?

Nevertheless, what about their daughter Ireland, this child is caught in a bitter divorce where it appears that her mother (Kim Basinger) is using what has become known to all falsely accused as the Silver Bullet in Divorce.

This child does not understand the mental torture of being a target parent, the feeling is overwhelming, and I know I’ve lived it for SIX YEARS.

It’s time Kim Basinger stops the BS selfishness and begins to think about what she is doing to her daughter’s mental health!

It is well past due for the public to stand up and demand our future generations be protected from what I see as a system out of control!


JQ75 said...

I believe Kim, as any alienating parent, is so obsessive as to be unable to even recognize the damage she is doing. Or she is too self centered as not to care. In either case she needs to be ordered into treatment.

The court must learn to recognize the true abusers, the alienators, the false accusers, and to take action against them. Instead the courts allow these disturbed, misguided people to use them as an instrument in child abuse.

When the alienated parent objects, they start their slow agonizing descent into the rigged system like stepping into a pit of quick sand, the harder they try to defend themselves against false allegations, the more false allegations generated the more the court takes the side of the alienator rather than the alienated parent.

You are so right to label the system out of control. And I too fear the damage to the next generation.

Louise said...


Thanks for your input, hopefully the system has destroyed enuff lives that the only way to go is back up.

I believe "the family" has reached the bottom of the barrel concerning importance in the eyes of those that are in place to protect us.

We can and will make a difference with our own media!


Cassandra Smedley Nasr said...

Well, i was just surfing around, reading articles. I think that this whole mess with Alec Baldwin is awful.. I feel for you, too. you can really read your pain in your posts, and your frustration too. I hope things will look up for you with your children and that your ex pulls his head out some day.

Anonymous said...

I must be completely honest.... your story sounds identical to mine. I lost both my daughters to a very abusive ex boyfriend after my daughter disclosed he had been having sex (also using her for child porn)with her during visits. But in my case I was labeled the Parental alienator and he was the victim. Such was the agenda of gardeners work. In 8 years my ex has had lots of time to brain wash and traumatize my girls. They are so confused now and don't know which end is up. They love dad.. but fear him to death. They are teen age now but can't date, can't wear make up, have to wear baggy sweats, can't even talk to boys period!! Typical of fathers who incest their daughters.
Like you, my oldest is now of age and can talk to me...(simply because she has moved out!) but my youngest is still his prisoner and I worry about her. My beef with the whole PAS thing is.... all too often it is the mother labeled with PAS when abuse by father surfaces. I hate what monster Gardener created especially now that we KNOW Gardener himself was pro-pedophile. Not to mention how he committed suicide... the guy was pretty sick in the head!!
I have to admit.... despite how close my daughters and I were... after 8 years of dad’s dirty work... our relationship is not the same. I too lost out on many important events in their lives.
It will take years to undo the brain washing. Years to convince them I didn't abandon them like daddy said. Years to build back up their self esteem that he has worked so hard to tear down. Reality is this... when one parent speaks against the other the real victim is the child who suffers so much with self esteem issues, abandonment issues, etc. Why do that to any child??

Despite the fact that I missed my daughters proms (well actually she wasn't allowed to go to prom... unless she went with a girlfriend) and other important dates.. I am happy to say tomorrow her and I are going dress shopping for a dress to attend her college dance/cruise black tie affair with her very protective (sees right through dad) boyfriend.

It is sad that she can't even tell her dad I am taking her to buy a dress. Or he will spend an hour screaming at her telling her what a horrible person I am and how she shouldn't have anything to do with me. So she just doesn't talk to him anymore.
HIS DOING!!! Not mine.
My personal philosophy: I never had to say anything to my kids about dad. I didn't feel it was my place to do so. I believed that any opinions they formed regarding him and his behaviors they would form completely on their own based on HIS behaviors. Kids aren't dumb. I just believed they would always see the truth for themselves some day. I didn't need to say a thing!! These guys do a great job of alienating themselves from these kids!!

Important to note here... 3 times this man has been subject to psych evals and with each one confirmed that the man has extreme narsistic personality disorder. Gee, don't most pedophiles??
We do need to keep in mind here.. that all to often abusers can be charming and appear to be the victims...and they are very persuasive... we all know that in the past there was DV issues with Basinger and Baldwin. I recall an article years ago before their divorce, images of Basinger with bruises and looking battered... and given Baldwins other behaviors towards media, etc.... I have no doubt he is a DV abuser. If we think he won't some how abuse this daughter of his.. Whether verbal, emotional, etc.. Think again!! They don't change their behaviors.. just their colors..to appear like the nice guy!! Don't be fooled.
I venture to say your ex was probably just as charming.

Louise said...

To Anonymous-

By the way you refer to Dr. Gardner, I feel it's safe to say we are on the opposite side of the fence (I feel you may be aligned with the women’s groups) as far as Parent Alienation goes.

And that's fine, to each his/her own.

What I would like to ask you and the others in our situation (Parent's without our children) irregardless of how when or why we are without the love of our children, the question that needs to be addressed is this-

Do these children align themselves with "the alienator", and do they all show the same exact symptoms?

I feel the obvious answer to this is YES YES AND YES AGAIN!

Now the next question won't be as easy to answer, but I'll ask it anyway..

IF there wasn't a gender war going on about the name or blame of these symptoms and obvious alignment would the system be forced to take action, and save the children from this obvious emotional abuse?

I feel the answer to this question is also YES YES AND YES AGAIN!

So in short, alienating parents (who by the way ARE ABUSIVE) have carte blanche to alienate because the system is divided and refuses to make a definite decision on Parental Alienation due to political pressure.