Sunday, May 27, 2007

The secret is out, and we all know it

Secret! Shh! States and Family Court Systems Profit from...

This is a secret! They do not want others to know this is happening here in America. Shhh! States and family court systems are making a killing "pimping" our children for profit. Ever wonder why there are so many "non-custodial" fathers? Yes, there are "non-custodial" mothers as well, but to a lesser extent. Truthfully, the states don't care what your gender is. As long as they create a "non-custodial" parent after the divorce, they are able to keep the huge profits rolling in.

This is their secret. Yet very few Americans are aware of this!

States and family court systems profit from the creation of a "non-custodial" parent through federal Title IV-D incentives. The more parents thrown into the child support system means more money to the states and family court systems. Silly! You mean you thought the child custody evaluations were fair and neutral? Those who perfrom the child custody evaluations are employed by the court systems which profit from the creation of "non-custodial" parents. Conflict of interest? Jeez...let me think about this.

It is time for Americans and parents of both genders to stop this madness. Profiting from tearing a child away from one of their fit parents is wrong, evil and immoral! Where is the outrage? Who will stand up and educate others about this tragedy that happens every day thousands of times in America?

Will this wake you up?

Perhaps this?

If this did not wake you up, you most certainly lack a pulse.

Learn more about the damaging effects of Title IV-D to America's families here:

So will Bloggers and America alike continue to let this be a secret or will they pressure this corrupt system of ripping a child from one of their fit parents to end?

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