Saturday, May 26, 2007


Living Where Parents Are Considered Enemies of Their Own Children

A land where children are considered property of thes tate, and are brutally ripped from their parents only to be consigned to decrepit, abusive theraputic" facilities.

Then more often than not forced on drugs when they are depressed over losing their family?

(Or given to a truly abusive parent, while the other parent is kept away?)

Imagine living where parents are considered as enemies of their own children, the parents who are vilified and maligned relentlessly, have false allegations and outright lies used to present a facade of legality for kidnapping their children, under color of law?

Imagine living in a land where the falsely accused parents are considered guilty until proven innocent", and even afte proving themselves innocent, are still considered guilty. All the while, the kidnapped children languish for years, locked away in strange homes or "facilities" or without one of their parents, growing despondent and heartbroken while yearning for all or part of thier family and freedom.

This isn't a description of life under a now defunct communist regime, this land exists in our world today, it isn't in some far off country, it isn't in some steaming third world jungle.

This land is right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

This land is... Right here in America; children are the fuel and fodder for the Child "Protective" and dysfuntional family law industry. Children are both the victims and the weapons used by abusive self serving adults.

And make no mistake, this is an industry, to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars annually in the United States.

This money flows from you, the taxpayer and is used to fill the coffers of county accounts, agency employees, lawyers,counselors, therapists,treatment centers, group "homes", supposedly "non-profit" organizations, and on and on and on...

It is far past time to join together to put a stop to the financial exploitation of our children and the bureaucratic errorism of our families by the Child "Destructive" Services, and Non or Dysfuntional Family laws.

DCRally 2007 is coming to Washington DC

Plan To Be There If You Can!

Original author unknown
(due to deleted emails that proceeded this one)
I've also adjusted this piece to fit not only Child "protective" services but family law in general.

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