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Are your children victim's of the system?

Gail Head
Awareness Quilt Project

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This Awareness QUILT Project is being created for display to bring attention to the plight of so many innocent children who have been VICTIMIZED BY CORRUPT Family Courts, and or STOLEN by CPS and placed into Foster Care, and some even SOLD into Adoptions by these same state agencies via the family courts. There is NO age limit nor restictions for being included if the child has been "victimized", they are WELCOME to be included in this quilt . It matters not whether the child was or is still in Foster Care, is or is not now home, or was in Foster Care but aged out of the system and was released, is or was or remains in Kinship care, or was SOLD into State arranged adoptions, they "should" be included in this quilt to show that they are NOT isolated cases and that this IS a National Problem . If your child/ren has been a victim of Governmental Corruption, then this QUILT Project INCLUDES your child/ren.

There are NO charges to you for the participation, unless you wish to have your child's photo included in this quilt. Having each child represented with his or her own square, costs you $ 0.00 which equals "ZERO".

SPECIFICATIONS: If you wish to make the squares youself, there should be ONE 5-inch x 5-inch square for EACH child. The fabric may be new or used and taken from old clothes, sheets, baby blankets, or even purchased new at a local store where fabrics are sold. If you wish to cut the squares from something that your child/ren used or wore, that will be fine. We ask that you please put EACH child's first name or initial and last name, date of birth or age, State case is/was in (town NOT needed), date they became victims of Family Court Corruption, or were STOLEN by CPS and placed in Foster or Kinship care, Date they returned home/aged out of system/SOLD into adoption or indicate if still in out of home care, or whatever applies, on the square that is representative of them. You may hand-write the information on the square with a permanent magic marker or ink pen, embroider it, use fabric paints, or even scan a picture on the computer, print it out, and transfer it to the squares. You are also welcome to cut the squares a little larger then 5-inches by 5 inches --- I will trim them down when I start to use them.

If you wish to just submit your child's information for inclusion in this quilt, all you need to do is send (mail or email) the above information for the child and they WILL be included in the quilt
If you wish to have the child's photo included in the quilt, the cost for the photo square is $ 3.00, which is to cover my cost of materials for making this. It is NOT a money-making scheme. Examples of these squares are visible in the posted photos of this quilt. You may mail the photo you wish to have used, or email the photo. Please mail your payment for the photo squares to the address given below.

We want these squares to be "personal" for your child so that when seen, people will realized that these are and were REAL children who have been victimized by Government Corruption in Family Courts and or Child Protective Services Agencies. I will post and make photos of this quilt available throughout the construction of it.

This QUILT will make its DEBUT in Washington DC on August 18, 2007, at the national Rally being held there to bring attention to the plight of our families and our children. It will also be displayed wherever there are other rallies, conventions, or affairs in which it has the chance to raise awareness about what is going on and happening to our children and make it known to our elected Public Officials that WE WANT CHANGE and PROTECTION for our families.

To participate in this project, Please send the squares representative of your child/ren to, or email the information to

Quilt Project
c/o Gail Head
PO Box 392
Paradise, TX 76073

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT~!!! DO IT for the love of your child/ren.


Gail Head

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