Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Style

I'm no child, I've lived a diverse life, I've come into contact with people from all over the place..

I've worked in neighborhood diners in Brooklyn and Staten Island to Five Star Hotels in Times Square..

Hell, for seven years I worked as close to the corporate world as I'm ever gonna come, I was a Banquet Bartender/Server and Captain, for ton's of Corporate functions.

Now don't get me wrong I've played nice with these people in the past, even though I would never voluntarily spend exorbitant amounts of time with many of them we were able to coexist for hours, days or sometimes week's on end and not kill each other.

Why am I bringing this up, what possess me to write about this, exactly how does this subject belong on a blog named 'Disgusted With The System"?

Well, I've noticed lately I'm getting more and more people pissed off at me, and guess what?

I don't give a &^%$ !!

I've learned to be assertive and if I want or need something; I do what has to be done to get it.

Now a few years ago that would have been a major problem, but now I couldn't care less if they like me or not, if we agree or not.

I've learned to say "Ok great, were gonna have to agree to disagree and move on"

I don't give in anymore, I don't let people bully or intimidate me anymore, I stand my ground firmly with both feet planted below me and I know have the knowledge to it back up.

I've also noticed more people are mentioning "My Style" I've always had people say they either liked or didn't like "my style" and I took it personal if they were negative.

Now? Ok whatever..

I'm wondering if I've become so hardened by the system that I'm thinking - Ok, I have bigger fish to fry today and if your gonna be part of the problem and not part of the solution get out of my way.

Or have I grown emotionally, by educating myself. I've studied subjects that I never thought I would have a need to know inside and out, such as personalities, and personality disorders.

Is it that I can now spot a predator or a doormat, from a mile away, and treat them accordingly?

Way back when I was lunch meat for predators, I didn't know any better, but now...

The superficial charming psychopath has a glaring green ring around them, that shines brighter than the northern star.

And the pathetic woo is me attitude coming from the Co Dependant gives me a knot in my stomach, so I am always ready to vomit when one of them comes along.

Or how about the me me me Narcissist, Oh phulease later for you dude, my needs are just as important as you think yours are, so be gone with your bad self!

Yes the system has raped me of my innocence, pulled me out of that pink bubble I use to live in where everyone was good hearted except my ex, but as with any bad situation I can still find something good in it all, I have become a wiser woman than I once was, much wiser!

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Suzanne said...

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