Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Special Request for a dear dear worrier in the family rights fight..

Hello.. fellow family rights advocates...

Today I have a special post. I don't know how many of you know Gail Head from Texas.. but I've personally met her and I would do anything I can for her!

Above is a quilt she hand made with pictures of children that have been il[legally] kidnapped she had everyone send her a personal patch reminding them of their children with either a picture on it or just words.. and she displayed that quilt at every rally all over the world.

Below is a Utube video of her at the D.C. rally displaying the Awareness Quilt-

Her and I met in D.C. in 2007- I had sent her my babies pictures embedded on fabric from a pair of old corduroy pants I had from my daughter and I can't tell you the feeling I got when I had seen her work- what she did was AMAZING!!!

Well it's time to give back--- Gail had a fire that tore her house down to the ground.. she had nothing!

Please, if anyone has anything that they can use-- clothing- anything please get in touch with me and I'm waiting for her to email me back so I know where the stuff can be sent. I've met Gail and she's a tiny woman- I'd guess a size 5.. but I will ask her in my reply email. As for Hubby I have no idea, but will find out!

I told her in an email that I wanted anything to be sent directly to her in Texas.. so for now I'll be taking names and email addresses of anyone willing to help. One I get an address I'll forward it to any emails I have.

PLEASE it's Christmas time-- and Gail has given her heart and soul to strangers.. she has spent countless hours helping those less fortunate she's gone to court with more families than I can count.. it's time to give back!
Gail did not ask for anything- ans who knows if she'll get upset that I'm asking on her behalf but to bad-- LOL -- She helps EVERYONE-- It's her turn to receive!

Here's her original email..

First let me say, I appreciate the concerns, prayers, and thoughtfulness of each and everyone this message is being sent to~!!!

Hubby and I are alive and were not injured, at least physically anyway.

Emotionally, well, that's another story. We are both still in shock.

Here is what happened:

We left town after work and arrived at home a short time later only to find our home engulfed in flames when we got to the property.

I was on the phone with a close friend and started yelling that the house was on fire and burning. I gave her the address and she called 911, and I also called them when I hung up with her. They got there as quick as they could and finally got it out, but everything was destroyed with it burning to the ground.

The only thing left was the clothes on our backs.

What hurts emotionally even more was the loss of our parrots and birds and the sentimentals items that simply can never be replaced. All but 2 of the birds were talkers. We also lost at least 1 or 2 of the cats. We had thought and believed last night that all but one of them had perished in the fire and at first, didn't think any had survived.

After the fire was out, 1 of the kittens came out from hiding and came to me. Another kitten finally came out but was too scared and would not let me catch it. We had believed that only the 2 of them had survived. However, when hubby went to the property to feed the horses, outside dogs, and all the fine feathered farm family members this evening, Goldie, the mother of the kittens and the 3rd kitten came out of hiding.

They were still too scared and would not let hubby catch them, so he put out food for them, but at least they are alive. Will try tomorrow to catch them and bring them into town with us.

Red Cross has helped us last night and tonight with a place to stay, some money for food, essentials, and a change of clothes. Local thrift stores also gave us some clothes today as well as a few friends who brought clothes and other things to us.

Hubby's work, Atwood's Home & Farm has been awesome today too. Could not ask for an employer to be any more supportive than they are. My shop is OK. My landlord for it is an awesome lady and landlord~!!!

So hubby still has his job and I still have my shop. I'll get back to work in it as soon as I can think straight enough to concentrate on what I'm doing. Right now, we are both just very overwhelmed with what has happened and the decisions we are now going to be facing.too many unanswered questions.

Can't even begin to say how, what,where, when, or anything about anything. This was not rental property. We have a land mortgage, but we didn't have a house payment - it was paid for, and no, living in the country where we were, no fire hydrants and insurance premiums not affordable, there was no insurance.

In answer to the question --- will we stay there or move? Yes, we will stay and rebuild as we can.

If you write or email, please give me a little time to respond, but I will answer as soon as I can.

Take care everyone.

Until later............


PS --- permission granted to share this message with anyone wishing to read it.

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