Saturday, December 19, 2009

Denial, Justification, and twisting things to work for yourself..

Denial, Justification, and twisting things to work for yourself..

Yeah that about covers it..

I read this article below and I'm sitting here scratching my head.. thinkin.. awesome (Information wise) article BUT... umm ok isn't that exactly what the definition is of either sex parent yelling and screaming that their partner is alienating the children from them do?

Yeah it is!

One parent alienating the children is and can very well be called domestic violence by proxy.. but it wasn't originally called that.

Instead it was called "Parent Alienation" and I'm thinkin just because Richard Gardner studied abusive women doing it and called it like it was.. that those women's groups got their panties in a bunch and had to insist it wasn't happening.

So, lets take a second look -

(1) abusers feel entitled

(2) abuse is a multi generational problem!

(3) people that are in or find themselves constantly in abusive relationships.. are there because they learned from their original caregivers that they weren't "good enough" "smart enough" "strong enough" "good looking enough" "fast enough" "slow enough" tall enough" "short enough" "thin enough" "fat enough" They grew up feeling for the most part JUST NOT ENOUGH of something! aka LOW SELF ESTEEM!

(4) Abusers came from homes where they were taught there were more than... "smarter than" "stronger than" "beter looking than" skinner than" .... do we get the picture here?

So is it only women that learn they aren't enough growing up, or only men that learn they're better than? Umm no!

How can I say no?

Women are the only ones abused!!!!

And because it's been proven that those who end up abused.. ended up there because of their low self esteem!

And men are all batters- then they all grew up feeling more than.. while the women all grew up feeling less than...

Yeah ok- you go right ahead and believe that -- and I'll educate myself and know the real truth.

Dominance and abuse comes in all color- sizes- shapes and forms..

Domestic violence by proxy when being done by an abusive woman is what? Oh yeah they labeled that PARENT ALIENATION!

But.. because this author felt that ONLY men are abusive and only women are victims-- they had to rename something that's already been studied and named long ago..

What's the name? Parent Alienation- stop needing to protect the groups that cried wolf when their own kind got caught alienating.. and call a spade a fukin spade will ya!

The faster Parent Alienation gets into the DSM as what can happened from an abusers entitlement attitude.. then PAS gets in there as well.. as what happens to the children that have been emotionally abused by the original abuser ... the faster our kids get help!

Ummm hello to all those women's groups...

The pain of acceptance is temporary..

The pain of Denial is forever...

How many women do you know that are now either dead or to old to enjoy their children that the abuser took from them eons ago?


Stop denying twisting or re-framing the obvious and lets get on with the healing of all the abused souls out there.. yeah even the ones that pee standing up!

Here's a link to the article that got my panties ina bunch this morning...

Domestic Violence by Proxy vs. Parental Alienation Syndrome - Associated Content -

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