Sunday, December 6, 2009

National Organization for Women-NYS Denounces Judge Garson's Early Release

ALBANY, NY (12/05/2009)(readMedia)--

Former Judge Gerald Garson was convicted of taking bribes from parents in custody disputes. He is being released six months earlier than his minimum sentence.

NOW New York State, the Battered Mothers Custody Conference, and other domestic violence and court reform advocates denounce the early release of Ex-Judge Garson. This is indicative of the pervasive corruption, cronyism, and conflict of interest that permeates our state's and its nation's family court system.

Judge Garson was given early release, after having been convicted of a crime. Yet thousands upon thousands of survivors of domestic violence, whose children have been taken away from them and given to their abusive ex-partners through improper court practices and judges like Mr. Garson, will never be released from the anguish of losing their children.

The citizens of New York State can no longer tolerate investigations where the fox is watching the hen house. On behalf of thousands of battered mothers in New York State, we call for a thorough, impartial, citizen-involved review of the NYS family court system. Until this serious review takes place, women and children will continue to be at risk.

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National Organization for Women-NYS Denounces Judge Garson's Early Release

Now anyone that knows me KNOWS how much I despise the political BS of this group-- but this story is a fair one and I know that first hand-- so here is it.

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